Shelby Bledsoe has drawn some wonderful studies in preparation for her colour work on our Life Drawing and Painting Course. We love the way that Shelby has shaded the background around her subjects and studies, allowing us to place the subject or help to add shadows on the ground around the studies.

There are many different ways of drawing subjects if you don’t have anyone to sit for you. Other than drawing a portrait of yourself in a mirror, one idea is to use YouTube for video poses. The Royal Academy have videoed a life drawing class with a life model holding poses for around 5 minutes and moving onto the next. This gives students to opportunity to draw short timed studies plus hit the pause button and draw more detailed poses for a longer amount of time. Make sure the video is set to 1080p in the settings on YouTube (cog on the bottom right of video) this will give you high definition film. Working from a tablet propped up in front of you, or a computer screen and a sketchbook, will help you improve your observational skills, pencil techniques and understanding of the human body. Good luck, have fun and let us know how you get on!

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