When you think about painting a landscape you tend to think about rolling hills and trees and looking as far as they eye can see. Representing the landscape with all of it’s beauty is important. However how many of you have realised that only half of it? The sky makes up a huge section of a landscape and it is very important to know how to paint it.

The ever changing light, the weather conditions, the shape of clouds in their many forms to knowing how to paint sky receding away from you adding depth and perspective to your scene is important. These are just a few things to overcome. Thats why on our Landscape painting course we study sky, clouds and their colours in all weather conditions. From painting from photos or if you want to brave the elements and paint ‘En plein air’ we will be there to guide you at every step.

Student Jackie Davies has done just that while working on our Landscape Painting Course as you can see below. Her sky studies are absolutely superb and we are very excited to see full paintings from Jackie in the coming weeks.

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