Open Art Invitation

This is an email the collage has received for an Open Art Invitation to all of the London Art College Students. If anyone gets involved we would love to hear from you!


Open Art Invitation

We are inviting artists from across the UK to take part in Open Art at VillageLife, a free event for artists to perform and display their work in an open-air studio (covered) on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th May.  We shall be widely promoting the event and expect large visitor numbers, offering great exposure to your audience and customers.  If you would like to take part, please contact me on 07956 623 198 to discuss being involved.

VillageLife is a unique retail, craft and leisure village in the Home Counties, best described as a little slice of Covent Garden, offering a range of shops and activities, as well as artists’ studios which we have available.

Kind Regards

Rudi Schogger

The Old Shire Horse Centre,
Bath Road
Littlewick Green,

, SL6 3QA
M: 07956 623 198

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