Mural in Soho…Students Wanted!

We have received a request below for students who are interested and live in the London Area and would like to take part in creating a mural in a popular Soho bar. If anyone works on the mural we would love to see photos!


Hi there my name is Virren Simpson and I am a part owner of a bar in Soho. I was inquiring really if any students would like to take part in a project for our bar?

I have a wall approximately 8ft by 30ft wide on which I would like a theme in black and white, pop art like a comic book strip or a picture of a bar itself! Any ideas form your side would also be thought of.  All equipment would be paid for and it’s a great chance for the students to promote themselves.

My contact details are as follows

Virren Simpson- 07742768802,

2 thoughts on “Mural in Soho…Students Wanted!

  1. Dear Virren:
    My name is Yinjie Sun( Sunny) , Currently I live in london. I graduated in BA Fine Art from China Academy of Art and Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design .i have many solo and group exhibitions in Uk , and i think i can do this mural job for you with reasonable price , please check the link for more information ,i look forward to hear from you

    kind regards

  2. Hi Sunny, I think you will need to contact Virren direct. This post was quite a while ago so she may have alrady found someone, but it woudlnt hurt to get in touch. I ahve removed your telephone number for security reasons. Good luck!

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