Observation Drawing Skills…

These drawings are from a student who is studying on the Pet Portrait Diploma. All students are encouraged to draw anything and everything that inspires them on a daily basis to help improve their observations drawing skills and their pencil techniques. Capturing animals is a tricky task and so to be able to hone your drawing skills by drawing every day objects really helps in a student’s development. These are two wonderful drawings from a current student, Haley Kittle which we felt held not only great pencil techniques, but great compositions too.



7 thoughts on “Observation Drawing Skills…

  1. Thank you so much for showing my drawings, when Melanie asked permission I only thought she might put this on the gallery page, never on the news page. Only hope my pet portraits live up to my earlier drawings!

  2. Hi Hayley,
    Its well deserved and im really looking forward to seeing your next set of artwork : ) Melanie x

  3. Hi hayley,
    i think that your work is incredable. in school i am doing drawing from observation and i have chosen you as my artist to gain inspiration from!
    Keep drawing! x


  4. thanks melanie, i got an A* on my first project and now i am currently on my second project! wish me luck! ahah and my observational drawing was successful, thanks hayley for your inspiration!! 🙂 xx

  5. Hi again !! just wanted to let u know that ive done well in the second project tooo 🙂 thanks x

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