Pet Portrait Students Exhibition

Janice Daniels has very kindly sent us a wonderful photo of her at her first exhibition! We are delighted to hear that she is doing well with her artwork and its great to know that she has another exhibition lined up too! Keep up the great work Janice!

Janice said….

….the feedback was fantastic, my partner and I followed people around and just listened to what they were saying and the amount of people who spent ages on my drawings looking really close up saying how detailed they were and praising them up was really nice to hear….

……One of my other 3 framed pictures was an oil painting of a horse grazing, a man was looking really closely to it and then he touched it, the horse had been rolling in the mud and this man was feeling where I had shadowed the mud, it made me laugh (quietly of course). The officials in charge of the exhibition also gave me great feedback,  they invited me to exhibit my work in another exhibition on the August bank holiday, which I accepted. All in all I was a bit nervous not knowing what to expect, but once I had been there a while it was a great day and I will be entering plenty more…”


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