We have a new look to our London Art College Forum which we hope looks an altogether more friendly and exciting place to be! From the feedback we have had from our students, they are really enjoying being able to interact with other students on their own courses and on other courses as well, to be almost part of a group and a team together. They give each other moral support and help and encouragement when they need it most. We are delighted to be able to provide this service to our students, and we hope the forum grows and blossoms even over the coming months.

You can also vist a few of our courses in the banners at the top and they will be changing over the months to otehr courses we provide. You can also use the navigation buttons on the top right and bottom right to navigate to the LAC contact page, home page, student gallery and news blog.

We always enjoy reading students feedback, so don’t hesitate to email us at any time and let us know what you think of our forum and how it possibly could be improved.

Visit our London Art College Community forum… >>


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