Painting and Drawing Course – Christine Towers

Christine Towers is currently working on our Online Drawing and Painting Art Course. One of her beautiful watercolours has been submitted as part of the course which you can see below.

Christine said at the start of the course…

I want to get back to enjoying art for art’s sake and to give myself structure to help me achieve this. I belong to a local art group and a craft co-operative. Until recently shared a studio in an ex cotton mill with my daughter. I have regularly exhibited with my art group and have sold at art and craft fairs and markets. I am a potter and warm glass and stained glass worker too.

You can visit Christine’s website at and we wish Christine the best of luck with her next set of drawing and paintings.

Painting and Drawing Course

Coloured Pencil Art Online Course – Mike Foley

Mike Foley is studying our Coloured Pencil Art Online Course. Mike said at the start of the course…

“I have taken several correspondence art courses in the past. Two “Famous Artists” courses, and one watercolor workshop from “North Light Art School”. I enjoyed all of them, and completed them nearly twenty years ago.

My art since then has been moved aside for an attempt at another creative effort. That is writing a newspaper column for our local newspaper, the Loveland Reporter-Herald. I also have a blog with the newspaper that I enjoy. 

My daughters asked me several months ago, why I stopped painting. I had to admit that I didn’t have  a good excuse, and promised to rectify the situation. I figured one way to make myself get back my artistic mojo, would be to enroll in an art course. Colored pencil is a medium that I like, but I need more instruction.”

We really love this coloured pencil piece that Mike has created for one of his exercises on the course. It is a charming and sensitively observed artwork.

We hope you have enjoyed viewing Mike’s work and we are sure to feature more over the coming months. In addition you might be looking at creating gallery work and need experience and advice from a professional? Furthermore, let us know if it has inspired you to pick up your coloured pencils and have a go yourself! Are you are interested in developing your coloured pencil artwork? If so, our Coloured Pencil Art Online Course is for you. Students can enroll on our website at any time London Art College Online Art Courses. We look forward to having you on board!

Coloured Pencil Art Online Course

Henry Sherridan Completed The Pet Portraits Course

 Henry Sheridan completed the pet portraits course recently, and the painting below is his final submission. We love the colours Henry has used in his painting, particularly the background which is Full of warmth and life. It allows dogs to stand off of the background beautifully and beautiful focus within the scene. Both dogs look really happy and overall the painting makes us smile.

Gail Mason, the tutor for the pet portraits diploma course has been working with Henry over the last year and a half. She has been gently guiding Henry and helping him in his quest to improve his drawing and painting skills. Also to help develop henries ability to paint and draw animals in a landscape.

Henry sent the following letter along with his final assessment to Gail. We are thrilled to read Henry enjoyed his course. We hope that Henry continues with his love of painting animals – and his Love of painting to!

Dear Gayle

Please find the final assignment for your critique and assessment. I choose the photograph of two old Labradors from Pixabay (a free photo website) as they seemed to fit perfectly the picture I had of two lifelong doggy friends who have now passed on.

The dogs were painted in acrylic straight from the photograph.  Although I reinvented the background and foreground as I thought too many ferns would take attention away from the centre of interest, the two dogs.

I found the course a real challenge and feel proud of myself for finishing. Also admiration for those professional artists like you who work very hard, (and with so much skill and talent) to please their clients.

So, now to recap; I have been nudged out of my comfort zone to face the excitement of a new challenge. I felt the pleasure and satisfaction when things went well and the quiet desperation when they didn’t. But I suppose in the end, that’s what art is all about – and I love it.

Kind regards

HenrySheridan is thrilled he completed the pet portrait course. Are you are inspired by Henry’s letter and painting below? Would you like to achieve similar results? Why not join our pet portrait diploma today. Students can enroll at any time, work at their own pace and receive a professional guidance from the personal tutor online.

Henry Sherridan 43303

Still life Mackerel Painting by Pam Cherry

This fabulous still life mackerel painting was created by Pam Cherry. She is studying with tutor Alan Dedman on the Still life Art Course. We absolutely love the painting, its full of life and the fish and paper looks shiny and wet. A very successful painting.

…although we hope that Pam didn’t take too long when painting. It could have resulted in a very pungent day!

Still life Mackerel Painting

Graphic Design in Art – Panya Sos

Student Panya Sos has been working with Vanessa Weaver on the graphic design in Art diploma course by the London College. We have added three of Panya’s pieces of artwork below for our students and readers to view.

Panya has been learning how to design posters to advertise products. She has done a fabulous job on each product design. The dream chocolate bar exercise below also calls for students to think up slogans to help sell the product. Tutor Vanessa Weaver was also thrilled with Panya’s slogans and you can read what she said below.

Task 2 is the ‘Dream’ chocolate bar advert that requires slogan ideas. In your roughs you suggest several catchy ideas, such as ‘Dream Chocolate is Out of this World’ and ‘Dream Chocolate is Beyond the Stars’. In these slogans you have followed the rules and kept them short, catchy, positive and memorable.
Vanessa Weaver

Once students have completed our graphic design in Art diploma course they should have lots of art work suitable for their portfolio. In addition this course is a great grounding if students wish to then further their education in graphic design. Also everything learnt from this course can be applied to your personal work. It can add a design sense to your paintings and drawings.

Would you like to enroll on our graphic design in art diploma course?  Head on over to our website today. Furthermore the graphic design in arts diploma is an online course and you have access to your tutor at all times. We look forward to having you as a student very soon.

Graphic Design in Art

Graphic Design in Art

Graphic Design in Art

Coloured Pencil Drawing – Kasturi Mukhopadhyay

We love this coloured pencil drawing by Kasturi Mukhopadhyay. We felt it was a great piece to show here on our college news blog. Kasturi has created a very bold and vibrant image which we feel looks very decorative. Kasturi has captured the light and shadows exceptionally well on the vase and table. We hope you like it too.

If you are interested in developing your coloured pencil drawings, why not pop over to our website London Art College Online Art Courses. See which course would be right for you today. Start your course at any time and work at your own pace in your own home. We look forward to hearing from you!


Coloured Pencil Drawing

Cartooning Diploma Course – Allison Tebo

Allison Tebo has been working with John Byrne on our London Art College Cartooning Diploma Course. When Allison enrolled on the Cartooning course she had already completed the Drawing and Painting Diploma course. This allowed her to gain experience in general drawing and using different media. We often encourage beginners to study on our general diploma. It gives them a wide, all round experience of drawing and painting before specialising in their chosen field of study.

Allison wrote the following as an introduction to tutor John Byrne when she started the Cartooning course.

One of the things I struggle with the most in my drawing is consistency. Three years ago I nearly signed up to London Art College’s Cartooning course. I decided on the Drawing and Painting course instead.  It meant I could then brush up on my basic skills. I could also experiment with other mediums before I concentrated on my first love, cartooning.

I would like to focus my studies on children’s illustration and cartooning. Since cartooning deals with consistency, I was anxious to approach it. Aside from honing my drawing, my goal is to submit my cartoons for publication.

We have collated a few of Allison’s cartoons and drawings below. We hope our readers will find them inspiring!

Would you like learn to more about cartooning? You too can gain personal online tuition from experienced cartoonist John Byrne. Why not visit our website to find out more. Prospective students can enroll online at London Art College Online Art Courses.

Cartooning Diploma Course

Learning to Paint Eyes – Ingrid Rugel

London Art College student Ingrid Rugel has been learning to paint eyes in watercolour. She is studying with tutor Alan Dedman on the Portrait Painting Course and has produced some stunning studies which you can see below. The colours Ingrid used in all of her paintings are beautiful and warm. She has layered her watercolour washes extremely well.

For students who are learning how to paint portraits, it can be useful to watch videos of other artists painting. One such video that our students might be interested in, is posted below Ingrid’s paintings. YouTube is crammed with instructional videos which we encourage students to take advantage of. They are a great free resource to help students in their quest in learning how to draw and paint.

If students have any questions while they are painting, we encourage them to keep notes as they go along. Students can then ask their tutors for their professional advice and opinions. Its always great to have access to a professional – and thats what all students have while on our online art courses.

In conclusion, prospective students can head over to our website at to read more about our courses and our tutors. Enroll online at any time and start your course online at any time. Work everything around your schedule, family and work life. We look forward to working with you soon!

Learning to Paint Eyes Learning to Paint Eyes Learning to Paint Eyes

Learning to Paint in Oils – Darinka Svircic

Darinka Svircic is learning to paint in oils on our Oil Painting Certificate course. Darinka has created a stunning oil painting of a tree which we have added below for our students and readers to view. We also very much like the way that Darinka has used aerial perspective in her painting. This means because she has noted that the hills behind the tree are might lighter than the foreground the background will redeed. This allows the tree and foreground to be in full focus.

Students and visitors to our college news blog might also be interested in visiting our Student Gallery on our website. Here you can see lots more student artwork for inspiration. The galleries are categorised into courses. If you have a course you are interested in taking, it is easy for you to dive straight in. View previous work that has been produced on each particular course.

In addition why not take a look around our website too! You can enroll on any course from our site and furthermore have access to your online course within a matter of hours.

Learning to Paint in Oils

Learning Abstract Oil Painting by Ann Hulme

We have featured Ann’s paintings on our blog in previous months and we love this abstract by her too. Ann paints by mouth and has taken this set of exercises in her stride. She wrote the following about the creation of the painting whilst learning abstract oil painting for the Oil Painting course.

I found that I was limited with paint on brushes to just drops. However I could squirt paint onto the paper using a pipette. It was great fun. I made 3 attempts and have showed you the one that shows both drips and squirts. I hope you like it. It is certainly a different approach.


Learning Abstract Oil Painting