Cartooning Diploma Course – Allison Tebo

Allison Tebo has been working with John Byrne on our London Art College Cartooning Diploma Course. When Allison enrolled on the Cartooning course she had already completed the Drawing and Painting Diploma course. This allowed her to gain experience in general drawing and using different media. We often encourage beginners to study on our general diploma. It gives them a wide, all round experience of drawing and painting before specialising in their chosen field of study.

Allison wrote the following as an introduction to tutor John Byrne when she started the Cartooning course.

One of the things I struggle with the most in my drawing is consistency. Three years ago I nearly signed up to London Art College’s Cartooning course. I decided on the Drawing and Painting course instead.  It meant I could then brush up on my basic skills. I could also experiment with other mediums before I concentrated on my first love, cartooning.

I would like to focus my studies on children’s illustration and cartooning. Since cartooning deals with consistency, I was anxious to approach it. Aside from honing my drawing, my goal is to submit my cartoons for publication.

We have collated a few of Allison’s cartoons and drawings below. We hope our readers will find them inspiring!

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Cartooning Diploma Course

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