Graphic Design in Art – Panya Sos

Student Panya Sos has been working with Vanessa Weaver on the graphic design in Art diploma course by the London College. We have added three of Panya’s pieces of artwork below for our students and readers to view.

Panya has been learning how to design posters to advertise products. She has done a fabulous job on each product design. The dream chocolate bar exercise below also calls for students to think up slogans to help sell the product. Tutor Vanessa Weaver was also thrilled with Panya’s slogans and you can read what she said below.

Task 2 is the ‘Dream’ chocolate bar advert that requires slogan ideas. In your roughs you suggest several catchy ideas, such as ‘Dream Chocolate is Out of this World’ and ‘Dream Chocolate is Beyond the Stars’. In these slogans you have followed the rules and kept them short, catchy, positive and memorable.
Vanessa Weaver

Once students have completed our graphic design in Art diploma course they should have lots of art work suitable for their portfolio. In addition this course is a great grounding if students wish to then further their education in graphic design. Also everything learnt from this course can be applied to your personal work. It can add a design sense to your paintings and drawings.

Would you like to enroll on our graphic design in art diploma course?  Head on over to our website today. Furthermore the graphic design in arts diploma is an online course and you have access to your tutor at all times. We look forward to having you as a student very soon.

Graphic Design in Art

Graphic Design in Art

Graphic Design in Art

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