Learning to Paint in Oils – Darinka Svircic

Darinka Svircic is learning to paint in oils on our Oil Painting Certificate course. Darinka has created a stunning oil painting of a tree which we have added below for our students and readers to view. We also very much like the way that Darinka has used aerial perspective in her painting. This means because she has noted that the hills behind the tree are might lighter than the foreground the background will redeed. This allows the tree and foreground to be in full focus.

Students and visitors to our college news blog might also be interested in visiting our Student Gallery on our website. Here you can see lots more student artwork for inspiration. The galleries are categorised into courses. If you have a course you are interested in taking, it is easy for you to dive straight in. View previous work that has been produced on each particular course.

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Learning to Paint in Oils

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