Learning to Paint Eyes – Ingrid Rugel

London Art College student Ingrid Rugel has been learning to paint eyes in watercolour. She is studying with tutor Alan Dedman on the Portrait Painting Course and has produced some stunning studies which you can see below. The colours Ingrid used in all of her paintings are beautiful and warm. She has layered her watercolour washes extremely well.

For students who are learning how to paint portraits, it can be useful to watch videos of other artists painting. One such video that our students might be interested in, is posted below Ingrid’s paintings. YouTube is crammed with instructional videos which we encourage students to take advantage of. They are a great free resource to help students in their quest in learning how to draw and paint.

If students have any questions while they are painting, we encourage them to keep notes as they go along. Students can then ask their tutors for their professional advice and opinions. Its always great to have access to a professional – and thats what all students have while on our online art courses.

In conclusion, prospective students can head over to our website at londonartcollege.co.uk to read more about our courses and our tutors. Enroll online at any time and start your course online at any time. Work everything around your schedule, family and work life. We look forward to working with you soon!

Learning to Paint Eyes Learning to Paint Eyes Learning to Paint Eyes

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