Henry Sherridan Completed The Pet Portraits Course

 Henry Sheridan completed the pet portraits course recently, and the painting below is his final submission. We love the colours Henry has used in his painting, particularly the background which is Full of warmth and life. It allows dogs to stand off of the background beautifully and beautiful focus within the scene. Both dogs look really happy and overall the painting makes us smile.

Gail Mason, the tutor for the pet portraits diploma course has been working with Henry over the last year and a half. She has been gently guiding Henry and helping him in his quest to improve his drawing and painting skills. Also to help develop henries ability to paint and draw animals in a landscape.

Henry sent the following letter along with his final assessment to Gail. We are thrilled to read Henry enjoyed his course. We hope that Henry continues with his love of painting animals – and his Love of painting to!

Dear Gayle

Please find the final assignment for your critique and assessment. I choose the photograph of two old Labradors from Pixabay (a free photo website) as they seemed to fit perfectly the picture I had of two lifelong doggy friends who have now passed on.

The dogs were painted in acrylic straight from the photograph.  Although I reinvented the background and foreground as I thought too many ferns would take attention away from the centre of interest, the two dogs.

I found the course a real challenge and feel proud of myself for finishing. Also admiration for those professional artists like you who work very hard, (and with so much skill and talent) to please their clients.

So, now to recap; I have been nudged out of my comfort zone to face the excitement of a new challenge. I felt the pleasure and satisfaction when things went well and the quiet desperation when they didn’t. But I suppose in the end, that’s what art is all about – and I love it.

Kind regards

HenrySheridan is thrilled he completed the pet portrait course. Are you are inspired by Henry’s letter and painting below? Would you like to achieve similar results? Why not join our pet portrait diploma today. Students can enroll at any time, work at their own pace and receive a professional guidance from the personal tutor online. www.londonartcollege.co.uk

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