Hilde Orye – Botanical Painting

Shevaun Doherty, our very talented tutor for the Botanical Painting Diploma Course, has received these fabulous paintings from one of her students, Hilde Orye. Hilda is experienced in drawing and painting however is just beginning to use watercolour. ​Aren’t they wonderful? These are for Assignment 4 on the Botanical Diploma, which deals with pen and ink. Shevaun said…. This time Continue Reading

Agathe Morisse – Illustrating Children’s Books

My name is Agathe Morisse and I am currently taking the Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma Course with Maggy Roberts. Here are the first submissions I sent to Maggy over the week-end. I’m waiting for her feedback. Exciting and scary at the same time! Read about how I painted them… Wet on Wet technique: It was for Continue Reading

Maria Lusser – Beginners Drawing Course

My name is Maria Lusser and I am currently taking the Beginner’s Drawing Course tutored by Monika Cilmi.  As part of the course students are asked to submit drawings with increasing complexity and difficulty made with different media such as graphite and colour pencils, pen and ink, colour pencils and pastels. I find this very Continue Reading

Daphne Wright – Painting Portraits

Daphne Wright, who is working on our Portrait Painting Art Course, has created a preparatory study along with a finished watercolour painting for one of her exercises. We love the feel that Daphne has created within this piece. The expression she has achieved has a sense of calmness and a serene feel, particularly in the eyes. Daphne has been experimenting with Continue Reading

Alison Owen – Photography Course

Alison Owen has taken two beautiful photographs which we have added below. Alison is currently working on the Photography Diploma Course with Rona Cox. These photographs each deal with very different subjects and techniques. If you are struggling with your photography, why not drop us a line at the college and we can sign you up on Continue Reading

Artemis Rigas – Learning to Draw

We have a lovely collection of drawings for today blog post by student Artemis Rigas who is working on the Learn to draw course. Artemis has been experimenting with light and shade, tonal variations, creating texture with his range of graphite pencils using objects from around the home. Artemis has also been working with pencil and Continue Reading

Elisabeth Planella – Oil painting

Elisabeth Planella, studying our oil painting course,  has created a very realistic painting of her art materials. It has been very well rendered using oil paints and the colours Elizabeth has used are superb. The main colours used here are blue and red and being complimentary colours stand off from each other very well. Complementary colours, when Continue Reading

Nicola Drake – Still Life

Today’s blog post is really interesting as it not only shows Nicola Drakes final painting but we can also show her preliminary study. Nicola is studying our Still Life Course and the object here was to experiment with neutral tones. Nicola has used some lovely neutral greys, purples and silver colours. Even the greens can be classed Continue Reading

Fiona Levings – Children’s Illustration Course

This fantastic illustration was created by student Fiona Levings. Maggy Roberts sent this over to the office along with Fiona’s comments about her Illustration. This has made us all laugh and we are thrilled to be able to share it with our readers. We are quite sure Fiona must have received top marks! This particular image was inspired by Continue Reading