Mel Newing – collars & dog tongues!

My name is Mel Newing and I am currently studying the Pet Portraits Diploma Course tutored by Galye Mason.  The studies below are for Assignment 4 and I have added a work in progress and the final photo of the collar study. We have to complete 5 pieces all together. A nose, tongue, collar, toy in mouth and horse full face. The pastels are on Pastel Mat paper. I’m finding big love for pastels! Tongue is complete and the collar piece is getting some fur detail. I’d highly recommend people trying pastel – great fun to work with!

To say I’m chuffed with the pencil drawing piece is an understatement.  According to my timer I’ve spent 19 hrs doing it – I think I forgot to turn it off at some point – but it has taken what felt like an age! I know I only needed to do the toy and mouth but I couldn’t help finish this picture – I was so close to scrapping it but sheer stubbornness kicked in and I stuck with it.  The ball sent me a bit fruit loop and I was tempted to make it smooth to make it easier but where’s the fun in easy?!  haha!  Challenge….complete!

Mel Newing
Pet Portraits Diploma Course

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