Hilde Orye – Botanical Painting

Shevaun Doherty, our very talented tutor for the Botanical Painting Diploma Course, has received these fabulous paintings from one of her students, Hilde Orye. Hilda is experienced in drawing and painting however is just beginning to use watercolour. ​Aren’t they wonderful? These are for Assignment 4 on the Botanical Diploma, which deals with pen and ink.

Shevaun said….

This time of year, it is always a challenge to find suitable subjects to paint, but seeds can be a great subject choice as they have such interesting textures and colour. Hilde’s composition is superb and her use of pen and ink is excellent. She began by practicing the tones and stippling technique in pencil,  before progressing to  pen and ink. She did lots of colour charts first, trying out the different mixes in order to get the right colour match. It proves that careful planning and practice really do pay off.

Congratulations Hilde on your wonderful artwork and we look forward to seeing more from you in the coming weeks and months!

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