Maria Lusser – Beginners Drawing Course

My name is Maria Lusser and I am currently taking the Beginner’s Drawing Course tutored by Monika Cilmi.  As part of the course students are asked to submit drawings with increasing complexity and difficulty made with different media such as graphite and colour pencils, pen and ink, colour pencils and pastels. I find this very exciting and challenging and it helps to make fast progress. Monika provides very encouraging feedback and carefully answers my questions.

She asked me if I would like to share two of my recent drawings for the college’s blog. Both are pen and ink drawings and made from reference photos. The first one showing a wall overgrown with ivy was made with a traditional holder, two different nibs and an ink bottle. For the second one depicting a Venetian mask I used two different liner pens. Although the traditional approach results in more characteristic marks I personally prefer the liner pens. They make drawing much faster and less fussy.

Maria Lusser
Beginners Drawing Course

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