Jatinder Ghataora – Cartooning Artwork

Jatinder Ghataora has recently completed our Cartooning Diploma Course and Jatinder chats below about a few of the pieces completed for the course.

Captain America:
My niece wanted a picture of a friend in a Captain America costume. She sent me a picture, I changed the angle of the face from a straight forward view to an a slightly off set view to make it dynamic and added the costume. I opted for flat colours to give it the old American 4 “color” comic look and the background. The recipient was delighted with the result.

Every October, artists all over the world take on the InkTober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day in the entire month – details: here is my InkTober >>

Last year I opted to link my drawings by Drawing Indian actresses, bar a couple of pieces. 31st October was the Joker, which I had pencilled a while back. InkTober is a good way of ensuring you keep to a timetable. For the 16th October, I drew Anushka Sharma, this is based on a Video  from the film Sultan. For me it is important I enjoy what I draw as the majority of it is for my own pleasure, the Idea of Sikh Hells angels appealed to me.

Jatinder Ghataora
Cartooning Diploma

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