Children’s Book Illustrator Wanted…

We have a request from Blake Hall Publishing who are looking for an illustrator to create artwork for a children’s book. If any of our students are the successful applicant let us know! As always the London Art College is not affiliated with this offer and students enter at their own risks.


Blake Hall Publishing is an independent publishing house. We believe the development of character is the key to help children unlock their potential.

Our first series of books are The Kudions, which are aimed at children aged five to seven years. Our six part series, starting with Theodore The Thoughtful, aims to assist parents in their quest to help their children develop admirable character traits.

We would like to commission a children’s book illustrator to illustrate a book called Ruby The Resilient. Ruby is the second in a series of books called The Kudions. Theodore The Thoughtful was published in March 2014.

Number of Illustrations: 15-17 illustrations
Timeline: Expected completion by late August – early September 2014
Payment: To be discussed with illustrator
Application Process: If interested, please send an email to Atif Ali (contact details below) with your portfolio of work.

Contact – Atif Ali
M: +44 (0) 7984 073 482


Patchings Success for Julie Ann Maguire

Patchings Art Festival is celebrating its 21st year between June 5-8 in Nottingham. Julie Anne Maguire hs contacted us to ask if we would display her most recent piece which will be displayed at Patchings!

Julie said….”As a recent CP student of London Art College, I am proud to say that this image below of a wildfowl, aptly named “Cock-a-doodle-doo” is testimony of my tutor’s support on the vocational course.

Julie Douglas has given me the encouragement and confidence to continue my coloured pencil studies, to attain a merit certificate and this exhibit will be hung at Patchings in the Leisure Painter Magazine’s section of the 2014 Open Art Competition.

The image was rendered in Coloursoft on A3 Stonehenge, taken from my own reference source at Twycross Zoo in October 2012…”

Congratulations Julie on this success, many more come come we are sure!


Winner of the Sparrows with Vertigo Competition!

We would like to announce the winner of the recent competition we ran in conjunction with author Jim Pinnock and his novel ‘Sparrows with Vertigo’.  Congratulations to Dale French with his winning design below!

Students were asked to create both a front and back cover following a brief set out by Jim which you can read about here >>  Dale’s design will now be used for the published book in hard cover and 50% of the royalties will be donated to Help For Heroes.

All the entries can be viewed on our website, along with a message from Jim Pinnock and his comments about each entry. ‘Sparrows with Vertigo’ Competition Entries >> 


Dale has written  a piece for us, about himself along with his winning book cover and the components to his design. We wish Dale the best of luck with his future career as an illustrator. If you would like to see more of Dales’s work visit his website at  and Facebook – D.French Studios.


It’s a dream come true!

Since the age of four I have been studying artists from all over the world. I used to sit up in my room and copy their drawings and compositions. I remember at the age of 7 trying to paint a copy of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and getting frustrated that mine didn’t look like the original (Although it would have been an accomplishment and a half to copy the Mono Lisa at the age of 7) but sadly I had to face reality that it was not possible. Since then art is my passion, hobby and one day my living.

It is an honour to be selected as the winner for ‘Sparrows with Vertigo Competition’ and just a delight to work on.

The medium used for my illustration in the competition was Watercolour. I started off with separate drawings for the town, brick work, sparrows, poppy and paper backdrop. Once I was happy with the drawings and their compositions, I then went other them in finer detail using Indian Ink. Once dried they were all individually painted in Watercolour.

When I was happy with the paintings, I scanned them into my computer at a high resolution and transferred them into Photoshop, so I could piece the book cover together. After adding a couple of effects and changing some of the levels within the colours I then added the spine and text to the finished cover.

The town was the best part to paint as I tried to future some buildings that were in the book itself, like the town hall, the police car and the gentleman’s club. To get the feel of an older town and one fitting to the book I decided to research what Oxfordshire looked like back in world war two.

It has always been my dream to one day become a published illustrator and this competition is my first step there. I would like to thank Jim Pinnock for choosing my illustration, Maggy Roberts my course tutor (Although I am yet to complete my first assignment I am nearly there and the first steps of the course and been really knowledgeable) and finally the London Art College for hoisting the competition and allowing ‘us’ the students to take part.

Dale French BA

Components of the final piece created by Dale.

aa dd



The Saddler’s Daughter

Linda Clutterbuck contacted us recently as she entered one of her final paintings she produced on the Portraiture course with tutor Nicholas Beall, into a competition. We asked if it would be ok to post her news on the college blog and happily Linda agreed!

Linda said…”I did lots of the corrections Nick suggested plus a few more and entered Fay in a competition at Tenterfield called Brush With Verse. Poets and Artists collaborate and a painting has to be done as an interpretation of the poem or vice versa.

Tenterfield is home to the late singer Peter Allen who penned the Tenterfield Saddler song so many people stick to that theme.  My husband wrote a poem about my friend Fay who was a Saddlers Daughter.

At the competition I received a judges mention as being the most interesting portraiture piece. So was incredibly excited, thanks to Nick and his guidance over the past few years. Nick will notice that I made corrections to the foot, chair, arms, fingers, wrists, neck and changed the shirt a little. I was very happy with the outcome.

It might be good to remind students that an oil painting is never finished!

Once again, thanks Nick!”

Linda Clutterbuck


The Saddler’s Daughter

She sits, and remembers, the years melt away,
Of the saddlers shop in the Valley, with its window display.

Theodor Loof was a craftsman, now rare to find,
Had a good sense of humor, was generous and kind.

His “Victory Brand” saddles he sold through the West, far and wide,
For Polo and for stock and made some of Syd Hill on the side.

The saddler’s daughter remembers the times through the years,
The joy and the struggles, the occasional tears.

And as she sits and ponders with a moist eye,
She knows when you’re remembered, then you never die.

Ian Clutterbuck
Stanthorpe QLD


Nina’s Row, Row Row Your Boat…..

Nina Bromley is currently studying with Maggy Roberts on the Illustrating Children’s Book Diploma. Nina has sent us her first illustration for the course along with some text about the illustration and we are thrilled to add it here on our college news blog. We are really looking forward to seeing what Nina comes up with on her second set!


My name is Nina Bromley and below is my first exercise for the Diploma in ‘Illustrating for Children’s Books’ which I am thoroughly enjoying. My aim is to complete the course by the end of this year.

I’m a freelance illustrator, artist and designer. Based in Worcestershire. The course and tutor Maggie Roberts are fantastic and I am thrilled to progress in illustrating for Children.

This assignment is ‘Row, row, row your boat’. I knew I wanted to come away from the traditional setting often seen with this rhyme. I have sailed around The Caribbean a lot and especially during our honeymoon sailing in The Grenadines, I remember swimming amongst their amazing Turtles. A giant Turtle became the boat and the tropical seas the land of dreams. Eighteenth months ago I had a little boy so a lot of details are linked to him in the artwork, such as his cuddly toys in the small boat on tow and the Teddy on the moon which my Mum gave to my son.

I have used pencil and watercolour which is my preferred media when illustrating.

My website is

Nina Bromley
Illustrating Children’s Book Diploma


Zeina’s Tranquil Illustration….

My name is Zeina Shehade and I am studying the Illustrating Children’s book diploma with Maggy Roberts.

For this challenging last assignment I had a vision of a tranquil place where you could be totally relaxed, doing the all the things you really want. I think when I finished this piece i realised that is what I as Zeina wants.

This piece shows a lovely small character who finally found a cosy home perfectly spotted for reading under the moonlight with simple furniture. That is the rhythm of life, I hope you like it.

Thank you everybody and specially Melanie and Maggie.

Zeina Shehade
Illustrating Children’s Book Diploma 


Shea’s Graphic Design Illustration

Shea Beck, a student who is currently studying on our Graphic Design Art Diploma Course with Vanessa Weaver, recently submitted a superb piece for one of his course assignments. Vanessa asked Shea if it would be ok to add it to our college news blog for other students to view and be inspired by and Shea agreed. We are thrilled to display it on our news blog and I hope that you also enjoy reading Shea’s accompanying text explaining  his illustration and techniques used.



London Model Management – cartoonist wanted

We have a request from London Model management who are looking for a cartooning illustrator to create artwork for a manual. If any of our students are the successful applicant let us know! As always the London Art College is not affiliated with this offer and students enter at their own risks.


We are looking for a cartoonist/illustrator  who would be able to assist with drawing up 10 to 20 cartoons. This is illustrative work for a manual that we are developing .

This is paid work so would like someone that is relatively good – even if you have not published any work to date. I would prefer someone that lives or has lived in London as some of the cartoons require a fair understanding of London life.

Please send me a proposal and perhaps the outline kind of work you are able to do – examples would be helpful .

Send responses to Tinashe on


Daniel Blau’s Photography Competition

We have a request from Daniel Blau who are running a photography competition. If any of our students are the successful applicant, let us know! As always the London Art College is not affiliated with this offer and students enter at their own risks.


Daniel Blau is pleased to announce the gallery’s second edition of our annual competition for photographers under 39yrs.

Five winning photographers will be selected to  participate in a group exhibition this July, organised and  publicised by Daniel Blau gallery.

For further information including eligibility, submission guidelines, terms and  conditions and entry form  please visit our website >>

All photographers aged 29 and under on the  submission closing date of Saturday 31st May 2014  are eligible to apply.

Daniel Blau gallery, 51 Hoxton Square
London N1 6PB
t: 0207 831 7998

Jim’s Testimonial – Understanding 20th and 21st Century Art

We have received a wonderful testimonial from Jim Hamilton, who has recently completed both History of Art Diploma and its follow on course Understanding 20th and 21st Century Art with tutor Stu Roberts. thank you Jim for taking the time to write this and we are thrilled that you enjoyed both courses!


I have always been interested in Art, but I was more of an ‘armchair’ historian. I could chat about the great works, but after a few minutes, my knowledge would soon dry up. So, determined to do something about it, I enrolled with the L.A.C.

Eagerly, I awaited my course folder and assignments. I was impressed with the package and with the contact I had with my tutor Stu Roberts. Any questions or concerns were dealt with quickly, with no fuss or bother. Instantly, my learning curve took off! I found myself enjoying more and more the Art world and its history. My assignments covered amazing paintings and sculptures, which in turn gave insights into history and the lives of artists. I was so proud to complete this course that I signed up for the second as soon as I could. These assignments dealt with Modern Art, up to the present day and this course again soon proved an eye opener, which prompted visits to galleries and museums.

I cannot commend enough the feedback and encouragement I received from Stu. His help and other suggestions make you want to look further and deeper into the subject. Now, once finished, I can enjoy talking about Art and artists with new found knowledge and insight and feel grateful to be able to pass this knowledge on.

Jim Hamilton
Understanding 20th and 21st Century Art


Jean Metzinger 1912
Dancer in a café
Oil on canvas