Shea Beck, a student who is currently studying on our Graphic Design Art Diploma Course with Vanessa Weaver, recently submitted a superb piece for one of his course assignments. Vanessa asked Shea if it would be ok to add it to our college news blog for other students to view and be inspired by and Shea agreed. We are thrilled to display it on our news blog and I hope that you also enjoy reading Shea’s accompanying text explaining  his illustration and techniques used.



One thought on “Shea’s Graphic Design Illustration”

  1. Thank you Shea for sharing this terrific piece of work with us. It is particularly interesting to read the notes that accompany it, describing your design rationale and the skills you used to create this impressive digital illustration. You have brought the ambiance of French life to this scene and created a composition with a great sense of depth. Congratulations! and thank you again for giving us the opportunity to enjoy your work.

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