Heather Robertson, who is currently studying our Illustrating Children’s Book Diploma with Maggy Roberts, contacted us recently as she has been commissioned by her local church to complete a series of paintings for them. Heather has so completed two paintings to date and we have added them below along with a piece by Heather explaining a little about them. We are really looking forward to seeing Heathers next instalments and we will hopefully post them here when they are ready! Congratulations Heather, on two wonderful paintings!


The church my parents attend was recently knocked down to make room for a new church building and a doctors surgery. The new church is now complete, and they were looking for someone to do some artwork to brighten up their entrance lobby.  The church approached me, as they knew of my work through my parents.

At first they wanted a colourful and inviting mural in the front entrance, but decided instead to go for several large canvases which can be rotated throughout the year. I have been commissioned to create all paintings required over the next year, and they have given me the freedom to create these in any style that I feel will work.

This creative freedom is very exciting but also challenging, as there is no clear brief to work from, and I have to think carefully about how I create each piece so that it appeals to everyone. So far I have completed the paintings for Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, and will soon start work on the paintings for Autumn Harvest and Christmas. I’ll also be painting a few others early next year.

Heather Robertson (Illustrating Children’s book Diploma)

Heather Robertson 41201 (2) Heather Robertson 41201 (1)


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