Weekend Art Challenge – Street scenes in Perspective

Welcome to this weeks art challenge results. We set our students a rather tricky task this week to try to create a street scene in perspective from their own photos or imagination. We have received some incredible and very beautiful scenes which we have added below.

Our featured image this week is by student Dorothy Robinson and is stunning. We love it. Dorothy explains…..

My entry for the ‘perspective’ weekend challenge, from one of my holiday snaps. It was taken at a point where the canal bends, hence the bridge is offset. An unusual perspective. Oils on canvas board.

We also very much like the submission from Hu Zete and love the story behind the painting too. Have a read below to find out more.

The street scene by Gwen Revely is also wonderful and very worthy of a mention. Lovely use of fresh watercolour and pen and excellent drawing too!

All of the paintings, drawings and mixed media and digital artwork below are stunning. You should all be very pleased with your results! Keep up the great work everyone. Don’t forget to submit to the London Art College Art Competition as the deadline is nearly up now. Also stay tuned for the next challenge coming along here tomorrow.

I took a photo of the district nearby my home on April 4th .It is traditional Ghost Day for showing respect to ancestors in China.At night, People who can’t be back hometown, always draw a circle by the cross of main road, they burn food, alcohol and spirit money in the circle, it is believed that these tributes will be delivered to our past relatives far away by the road. I like the pathetically and psychedelic atmosphere in this photo.Shadows and shapes mix together , ghost and people walked across each other .
So I copied the photo by watercolor this week.
Hu Zette
The weekend challenge was certainly a challenge !! but enjoyed very much
Gwen Reavley
Tricky challenge!  I have enjoyed trying to capture one of my favourite places St Helier in Jersey !  I have used wet and dry watercolour pencils
Pauline Burke
I did this picture a few days back from a photo. I loved the colours.It fits the topic this weekend.
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
This is my participation to the week-end challenge “street scenes in
perspective”. Just a very quick sketch as I’m actually very busy with my
5th assignment 🙂 Pencils HB and 7B. A street view in Florence.
Steven Markie
Old street in Couleur, south France.
Iryna Labunska
Countryside perspective for this week’s challenge. Blo’ Norton, a small village in Norfolk. In ink.
Dylan F Jeskye
Weekend challenge- a sketch based on our holiday at Berwick-upon-Tweed. Wonderful bridge!!
Charlotte Draper
Weekend art challenge although I had no time for art at the weekend so worked on this today and ended up rushing it somewhat. It was definitely outside my comfort zone. Mainly done using Derwent Inktense pencils.
Susan Zajaczkowska
‘Street Scene in Perspective’
On hand-crafted-textured paper, the process has been slow going. .Yet a test to see if I can muster a resemblance of one of Vancouver’s Streets during night, at a time where the rain fall settles, and snow begins to fall. Another test was to capture the subtle hill, and slight curve in the street, which the buildings had to be slightly adjusted to give some affect. To finish I assume it will be another 15hrs.
Justin Robinson
Hyeyoung Jess
Street scene with perspective. Loose watercolour
Jackie Groves
This is my take on the art challenge, perspectives. It’s a street in Bibbona, Tuscany. Acrylic on card
Helen Turner
My entry for the ‘perspective’ weekend challenge, from one of my holiday snaps. It was taken at a point where the canal bends, hence the bridge is offset. An unusual perspective.
Oils on canvas board.
Dorothy Robinson
Not exactly perspective but my first attempt at drawing a cityscape. I know it’s full of mistakes but I guess that’s how you learn..
Susana Sousa Marques
I hope this fits the brief for this weeks challenge. More about perspective and skyscrapers of London with a stormy sky than a street.
Wendy Simmons
Pencil finish drawing of an abstract building. Soft pastels (grey-black shades).
Nina Phillips
My quick sketch of street in perspective
Madhavi Yelnurkar Chopade
Street scene from imagination, digital on tablet.
Chris Rye
Weekend challenge – this is an old one but I liked the colour perspective of the blinds… (It’s the Copper Kettle in Cambridge.)
Audrey Quinton
Street view in my neighbourhood in Akureyri Iceland
Dóra Birgis
A fondly worked sketch, in graphite and coloured pencil, of a Las Palmas GC street scene. One of the very last seaports I visited early this year, and a perspectival challenge to boot. Ah, memories.
Julie Smalley
Digital pen and ink- Times Square early morning from memory for the weekend challenge.
Sam Croyle
An abstract one point perspective!
Chris Rye
This was a street scene I did for the CP course. The ever beautiful Roma
Heidi Elizabeth
I’ve attached my street scene of Ginza in Tokyo, lined with really fancy shops, you’ll see Cartier in the bottom corner of the picture. I submitted it for my coloured pencil course, which I completed with a distinction.
Rebecca Blake
Weekend art challenge. I do love a street seen this was done from a photograph I had taking while walking around The Rocks area in Sydney last year.
D Jayne Grunwell

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