Welcome to our big announcement! The London Art College yearly competition is now OPEN!

Students can submit ONE piece of artwork they have created. It doesn’t have to be a course work piece.

The artwork can be in any medium (excluding photography)

Try to send your artwork in JPEG format and avoid sending thumbnail sized artwork. We like to see your creations!!

You can send scans or photographs of your artwork. Avoid adding watermarks, mounts / matts and frames. If you are photographing your artwork, take a look at our photography tips page for details.

Students need to have their entries to us by 1st October 2020 and send them to entries@londonartcollege.co.uk Please include your full name and student number.

If you have any questions you can post at any time on our Facebook Group page. Best of luck and happy painting!

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2 thoughts on “London Art College Competition!”

  1. Hi Geraldine,
    Im really sorry, the yearly competition we run has a catchment of current students and those who completed the year prior.
    I hope you enjoy looking at the entires when they are online 🙂
    Melanie x

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