Welcome to the results of ‘The Scream’ art challenge. This time we set our students the task of creating their own version – or own take on the Edvard Munch painting ‘The Scream’.

We hope that you are all as impressed as we are here at the London Art College. This challenge was simply fantastic and the results are incredible.

Top spot this week for the feature image goes to student Chris Rye with his very clever combination of a lockdown street and The Scream. Superb and very cleverly thought out and executed.

We also love Liz Brownes version of The Scream below, I think many of us are feeling very similar about our hair at this point in time!

if you can all scroll down to read the story and view the beautiful illustration by Huzette – a must read!

Everyone who submitted has accomplished this task superby! If we could name everyone we would, however you all know that you have created something very special. We hope that you enjoyed designing and producing them. Well done everyone!!

Tomorrow the challenge is a little different. It isn’t so much of a challenge….but a big reveal. Stay tuned to find out all about it.

The Scream During Lockdown – watercolours
Liz Browne
I change the scream to be a sketch of Chinese story 《Journey to the West》.
Monkey king beat the demon named Lady White Bone on their way. But ShiFu misunderstood that the monkey king killed a common girl and punished him using a spell. At the same time, Lady White Bone was going to catch ShiFu and ate him.
This is my SCREAM. A study of national character stereotypes. Pigment ink & oil pastels on paper.
Mila Zinzen
Here is my scream image!  A roller coaster of screams!
Pauline Burke
Ahh Pizza Size: 9×12 Acrylic on paper
Justin Robinson
Long time ago, I studied history of the arts at university and I learnt Edvard Munch as a fascinated painter. As his biography had a big influence on his style, I tried to interpret “the Scream” as one of his breakdowns. So I design it behind a broken glass.
Rose-Marie Biehlig
Thought I’d hate this as prefer ‘nice’ pictures! Though loved it, surprised at outcome! 
Melissa De-Vall
My take on The Scream, in soft pastels on PastelMat.
Lydia W
Really enjoyed this challenge, as I didn’t hang about or think too much, just did it.  Nothing like anything I would ever turn out, in style or so loosely painted, also there isn’t any fur!
So I think it did me some good.
Barbara Schunk
“The Ice-cream”
Don’t you hate brain-freeze?
Digital art on Procreate
Pricilla Hocking

Pastel sketch inspired by ‘THE SCREAM’
Dorothy Robinson
A quick and happy scream!
Lockdown Scream 2.
Another collage, a bit more serious. Could do with a second go, but time is limited.
Rita Frost
Audrey Quinton
I really enjoyed doing this. I am going to have another go at some point, and will add my own twist to it.
Ian Dance
Weekend challenge: the scream. Inspired by famous Japanese mask from Noh theatre.
Elena Statham
Lockdown Scream 1
I was a bit stumped by this, but then thought of doing a collage version, it’s called When Zoom Meetings Go Wrong.
Rita Frost
This is a hallucinated scream which depicts the mind in present situation.
All too true for me, I’m afraid. Still, there’s therapy in art.
Julie Smalley
Here’s my alternate version of “The Scream” painting. I’ve kept most of it similar to the original but just added a few extra bits in.
Nina Phillips
Khadiga Kadry
Cari Aplin
Helen Jaeger
My version of The Scream from couple of years ago as part of my Christmas card.
My take on ‘the scream’ limited resources to hand but hope you like it! Now added, doh!
Chris Rye

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