Julia Morris

Julia Morris is currently studying with tutor Alan Dedman on the oil painting course. The painting below is from one of her assignments, painted using a pallet knife and oils. Students have the option of using oil paints with turps and linseed oil, or the more modern version of paints which are non odorous and easy to clean. They are made by the same big brands like Windsor and Newton, Holbein, Rembrandt etc.  and can be purchased online at any good art shop. If you are interested in learning how to paint in oils, whether its landscape, seascapes, still life, people or pets. The choice is yours. Head over to our website and take a look at our oil course page for more details.


Moira Millar

If you enjoy viewing and creating botanical illustrations, you are in for a treat today! Student Moira Millar has created all of the amazing illustrations you see here for a number of different assignments on the Botanical Painting Diploma Course. Our online course with full tutor support takes you through each stage of the leaning process which includes everything you need, enabling you to develop your painting and drawing skills as a botanical artist. Our course is a wonderful foundation for any budding botanical artist and our tutor gives each student feedback and guidance at every stage. We hope that you find Moira’s work inspirational and it gives you the courage to sign up onto our course today!


Talitha Young

Young Artist Talitha Young was asked to choose a toy object and draw it from 5 different angles, including one colour study. Hasn’t she done marvellously! Each study looks and feels very three dimensional. Talitha has included the highlights and shadows in each drawing – what wonderful observational skills she has at such a young age. Our Drawing for Children starts at aged 7 so if you have a budding artist in the family, visit our website to see how you can give them ahead start in their art!


Rosie Marnan

The following has been written by tutor Vanessa Weaver

I have a student on the Graphic Design Art Course who has produced some lovely typographic work. Her name is Rosie Marnan and her response to one of the first lettering based tasks on the Art in Graphics course is definitely worth sharing. The requirement of the brief is to choose a word or phrase (or even random letters that don’t spell a real word) and explore contrast through changing different elements, such as font style, weight, width and colour. Rosie has produced a very attractive solution that not only generates interest, but also creates a lot of movement too. It is well finished, with excellent hand rendering skills. I hope that everyone enjoys viewing it!

Rosie Marnan
Graphic Design in Art Course

Pam Cherry

Painting and drawing inspirational objects is the key to a good still life piece. Here student Pam Cherry  has certainly been thinking very creatively as her two mackerel on brown paper are the perfect still life subjects! She has been thinking outside of the box here and its worked out beautifully. Loving the limited pallet of greys, blues and browns. Pam also set about designing a still life study of a wooden trugg and plant pots from her garden. The photo below shows some of Pam’s sketches in both graphite and paint, along with the finished painting below them.


Anneke Elizabeth van Dijk-Broerse

Our Pet Portrait Diploma Course doesn’t just teach you how to paint pets…you can pain any animal you wish whilst working through the course. Anneke Elizabeth van Dijk-Broerse did just that with this wonderful pastel painting of a grey squirrel. Her attention to detail and the time taken to describe the tail of the squirrel is beautiful. Our hearts also melt at the tiny kitten portrait too. We hope you enjoy viewing Anneke’s artwork and if you are interested in painting animals, head on over to our website and read more about Pet Portrait Diploma Course. It also gives you a brief refresher on drawing at the start, so anyone who lacks confidence in drawing however only wants to draw pets – this is the perfect course for you.