Charlie Leith

The following has been written by tutor Vanessa Weaver

I have just assessed the first set of work from Charlie Leith on the Graphic Design Art Course and wanted to share it with you. Charlie has submitted some wonderful pieces of work that demonstrate her drawing and creative ability. The first is a street scene, showing terrific understanding of perspective. This is something that many artists struggle with and is an integral part of learning in the initial stages of the Graphics course. Charlie has handled this complex scene well and created a convincing view.

Following on from this, Charlie has presented terrific illustrative ideas for a tourist brochure. She was restricted to using only black as a printing colour and nevertheless has managed to create interest by using a range of mark making techniques (such as stippling, cross hatching, contoured shading and broken lines) to achieve contrast within each scene.

Charlie Leith
Graphic Design in Art Diploma


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