Anna Farmilo

I am Anna from Sydney. I grew up on a hobby farm with lots of animals to keep me company. I would spend hours sitting on the side of the dam crushing up rocks to make colours. I have always had a keen interest in the weird and wonderful and have a colourful personality.

It wasn’t till my marriage was in it’s final days in 2012 that I really had a desire to paint. I have painted ever since. I know in my heart I will never give up. Some months are great and I may sell up to 7 paintings and others I sell none. I decided to start the Children’s Book Illustration Diploma because of my child like style in my works. I do paint big so at first it was a struggle being disciplined enough to follow the course guidelines of size. I am loving the course and feel so proud to have received the feedback I have.

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Here is some of my artwork

My puppy Yoda. Acrylic on canvas. 100cm by 100cm

My puppy Tink. Crosshatch lead pencil. A3.

Daisy the cow. Collage and acrylic.

Paris. Portrait. Acrylic wash on canvas.

Giraffe. Acrylic covered in resin.

Mr Camel. Charcoal on paper.

Zebra. Acrylic.

The tree of life. Oil on canvas. My biggest sale. Sold on Bluethumb

My market stall at a gourmet café.

My sanctuary.

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