Roxana Calman

My name is Roxana Calman and I completed the illustration course with Spencer Hill. I found Storyberries while searching the internet, looking for children illustrations and bedtime stories. After I looked over their website I saw that you can actually work with them, either as an author or an illustrator, so I sent them an email. The lady that replied to me, Jade Maitre, was very sweet and lovely, she answered all of my questions regarding what is like to work with them, and what is the illustrator’s job. Their business is non profit, so the stories and illustrations are made by artists that volunteered to help them. She asked me to send a few images with my art style, then I was all sorted.

She gave me after a few weeks my first story ”Baby Brother Surprise” written by Attia Stamp. I was so excited to start and really happy with this story. I have applied in this project everything I’ve learned from the Illustration Course and it really paid off. It took me two months to finish the story (did it in parallel with University work), there was no deadline, I wasn’t limited to a specific amount of time. After I finished, I sent all the images to Jade, then she carefully edited them and put them together for the website.

I had lots of fun but also this project made me take children illustration even more seriously, I think I did a good job but I feel like there is still a lot to learn, but now I know what I want to do as an Illustrator.

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Editors Note: Here are a couple of quotes from Roxy and our tutor Spencer Hill from emails that we received…..


….I have to give a big THANK YOU to you and London Art College because the Illustration Course helped me so much! Thank you once again for the great feedback you gave me! It helped me a lot and because of that now I am where I am. Hopefully, one day I will have published real books^^….

Spencers reply…

….I am so proud to see such consistent character designs, and great compositions and rich illustrations. Wonderful. My favourite is the stinky baby illustration, although I do love the little old man character too….



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