Nahrain Michael

Hello, I’m Nahrain Michael from Erbil/ Iraq, I have recently finished my Graphic Design Diploma with a distinction and I’m so thrilled to accomplish this success with one of art fields that I admire and was so keen to learn. I must say that this was a real overwhelming experience by all aspects, artistically and spiritually.

Before the course I had no idea about the divers types that fall under the graphic design category; yes I have always had an interest within me to design posters, logos, stamps, etc. but none of those I did were done on academic basics, therefore I needed to build that interest in proper way. So I made a search and was so lucky to find the D3 Graphic Design course that London Art College offers. It was like having it all in one package, the academic learning, the online- your pace education and the outcome that produce a professional portfolio for any future job opportunities.

One of the wonderful things that I experienced in this course was the way it starts with the very fundamentals of drawing (which was something really important to me) and then moves you step by step to more progressive designing subjects. Every task was a challenge, but a very exciting challenge because it made me learn from my mistakes and eventually produce good art.

I must admit that there were times during the course where I had doubts that I wasn’t talented enough or have what it takes to succeed in this type of art. However the continuous support, encouraging and guidance of my tutor Vanessa Weaver led me to the right path every time and restored my confidence in my art. It isn’t easy to find someone so dedicated to your interest and go nowadays; and to be honest, I never met someone with such qualities as hers in my whole life. I’m deeply grateful for her.

I always believed that I was a diversified kind of artist, though I know that many will say that I should devote my talent and time to one type or technique or school, etc. but that’s never been the case with me, and I don’t think it will ever be. I just genuinely Love every piece I make because it always has a story..a wonderful story, behind it, and I’m sure every artist feels the same.

Amazing, you know when I started this course I felt it triggered other good things to start as well in my life. It’s only when you pursuit something it really change your perspectives of your life and that was what happened to me.

One last thing, if life grants me the chance-again – I’m sure I’ll be back to London Art College for another course to learn.

Nahrain I. Michael
D3 Graphic Design course





Jos Mascarenhas

Tutor John Byrne emailed us this selection of cartoons to include on the blog. He was so impressed by one of his students Jos Mascarenhas, and felt that Jos had work extremely well throughout the course.  Jos has now completed the Cartooning Diploma Course and you can read Jos’ letter to John and see her artwork below. We have written the letter below for ease…

Dear John,

Thank  you for all your very encouraging remarks. Please find, herewith, my final submission. I am not, at the age of 78+, looking for employment in the field. It is just something that I enjoy and it keeps the acute brain going. Thank you for all your help and more. I would like to continue in a similar vein but will wait to see what might be open to me. I don’t suppose we will ever meet, but I would consider it a great privilege if we ever did.

Thank you again.

Jos Mascarenhas.

PS I have just ordered one of your books on cartooning from Amazon!


Spooky Saturday Illustration

We are starting a new feature this week called…Spooky Saturday Illustration. Other than the month of our Christmas countdown in December, we will be posting student artwork from the Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma Course Every Saturday.  Tutor Maggy Roberts receives many wonderful illustrations from this spooky section of her course and we posted a few of them this year on Halloween. We have such a lovely big collection, we felt it needed to be marked by a special day each week.  So today’s Spooky Saturday Illustration is by Emma Allen. We hope you all enjoy it!

Tessa Baker

We have a wonderful collection of watercolour studies and paintings by student Tessa Baker. Tess has been working on a project studying flamingos and their habitat for one of her assignments. We thought it would be really interesting for our students and readers to view Tessa’s amazing wet in wet washes, beautiful colours and vibrant landscape scenes.

Tessa has used a variety of brushes to complete these studies, ranging from large sables brushes for the background wet in wet washes, to finer smaller pointed brushes for detail. We hope that you all find Tessa’s work as inspiring as we do!

If you are interested in learning how to paint using watercolour, we have a number of art courses that you might be interested in taking, from our beginners painting course to our dedicated watercolour course. Head on over to our website London Art College to find out how you can improve your watercolour skills today!


Samantha Wing

Student Samantha Wing is studying on the Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma Course. She emailed us her wonderfully colourful illustration, which was inspired by her two children. We are really looking forward to seeing more of Samantha’s work and also adding it to the blog in the coming weeks and months!

Samantha Said…

This is my first submission piece. I very much enjoyed doing it and it was based on my son and daughter for inspiration. My son is called Max he’s 3 and my daughter is called Darcy and she’s 4. The brief was Row Row Row your Boat.

Samantha Wing

Sian Brown

Tutor Maggy Roberts sent us some wonderful illustrations from student Sian Brown which we have added below. Read what Sian sent Maggy long with her illustrations. We love the anecdote about the Kidney Beans and Baked Beans….!

The bean people came about because I was visiting a friend who was saving kidney beans for next year . They were lovely with purple markings. I experimented and apart from it being time consuming, I didn’t think young children would appreciate what they were so I ended up with”baked beans”! I have been thrilled by the way my drawing has improved following the observation and repeated drawing of the bottles etc. and the fun of putting it together….

Sian Brown


Jane Crocker

We are thrilled to be able to post a wonderful testimonial from student Jane Crocker who has just finished the Illustration Diploma Course with tutor Spencer Hill. We have added some of Jane’s artwork for everyone to see below. We are also really looking forward to seeing some of Jane’s illustrations when she starts work on the Illustrating Children’s Books Course in the coming months!


I would like to say a very big thank you to Spencer Hill for his kind encouragements and brilliant illustration course. I would recommend this course, as the feedback came back with good constructive ways of looking at the assignments.

I can not express how much I have enjoyed this course, more than to say I was sad that I had finished it. I’m now about to sign up for the Children’s Book Illustration course. So I would also like to thank London Art College as well.

Jane Crocker


Heidi Hauser…..

Tutor Maggy Roberts received this wonderful email from her student Heidi Hauser who studied on the Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma Course. We are thrilled that Heidi enjoyed her course and gained confidence from it. We love her work and have added two of Heidi’s pieces below.

Congratulations to Heidi on completing the course and we look forward to seeing more of Heidi’s  illustrations from the Follow on Course in the coming months!


Hi Maggy,

I just wanted to email you to say a very big thank you, this has been a wonderful course and I have received great constructive feedback from you. I was looking for a little more confidence with my art and I have found it. I am going to think about doing the follow-on course… in the mean time I am going to be doing lots more painting and put some ideas together.

Thank you so much for a lovely course!
Many thanks