Jos Mascarenhas

Tutor John Byrne emailed us this selection of cartoons to include on the blog. He was so impressed by one of his students Jos Mascarenhas, and felt that Jos had work extremely well throughout the course.  Jos has now completed the Cartooning Diploma Course and you can read Jos’ letter to John and see her artwork below. We have written the letter below for ease…

Dear John,

Thank  you for all your very encouraging remarks. Please find, herewith, my final submission. I am not, at the age of 78+, looking for employment in the field. It is just something that I enjoy and it keeps the acute brain going. Thank you for all your help and more. I would like to continue in a similar vein but will wait to see what might be open to me. I don’t suppose we will ever meet, but I would consider it a great privilege if we ever did.

Thank you again.

Jos Mascarenhas.

PS I have just ordered one of your books on cartooning from Amazon!


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