Spooky Illustrations! Happy Halloween!

We have some wonderful and spooky illustrations for todays post created by our students – perfect for Halloween! The illustrating Children’s books Diploma course is perfect for creating illustrations such as these. We defy any of our viewers to be spellbound whilst viewing them….and hope that they get everyone into the spirit of Halloween!!


Carys Rees

Amy Curran

Eve Warren

Eve Warren

Paula Prestwood

Jane Walker

Heidi Hauser

Competition Entries Online!

This years London Art College Competition 2017 is closed and we have added all of the entries online at the link below.

London Art College Competition 2017 Entries 

We have had some stunning entries this year and I know that our tutors are going to find it very difficult to choose their two favourite pieces each, to create the finalists this year. You can see a screen capture of the start of the page below. Why not visit and see which is your favourite!

We will be announcing the finalists shortly…..


Elena Statham – Illustrations!


Finely I managed to  finish two sets of assignments: Sebastian Sink City and Fiery Fred! I thought to share with everyone.

The Second assignment took me a while, as I didn’t read properly the instructions on what side the text should be! After I  almost finished it I realised that Ive done it all wrong! the second trial I tried my best not to miss on the detail but when I finished it struck me that my scanner is much smaller, so I had to find a way to produce digital copy! Luckily I got great advice from Facebook College community! Thanks everyone for your support! We live we learn!

Facebook Group for all courses >>
Facebook Group dedicated to Illustrating Children’s Books >> 

Set three assignment was much easier as Ive already had my burns from previous one! I found Animals doing silly things quite challenging in a way of what is defines silly?! So I had to think! Now just have to wait for feed back from Maggy! Fingers crossed!

Elena Statham
Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma Course

Robyn Dreyer’s Illustration

Tutor Maggy Roberts sent us this superb illustration by one of her students Robyn Dreyer. Robyn said below…

I enjoy working with watercolour, it’s always a challenge as you never quite know how the water is going to roll or spread which gives you interesting results each time. I also love working with architect pens and sticking to black and white detailed drawings. 

I am South African but live in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, and manage a safari lodge out here. I do a lot of drawings and paintings for our guests that come to stay which is great as I have lots of inspiration out here in the bush – lions, leopards, hyena, elephant and wild dog are just some of the animals I’m lucky enough to have wandering around outside my room! One day I hope to do some children’s books on the environment, conservation and sustainability….

We are looking forward to seeing lots more illustrations from Robyn. What a wonderful environment to be living in, surrounded by the incredible wildlife to gain inspiration from. We wish you luck with your next set of artwork!

Lillian Lan

Lillian Lan is enrolled on two of our courses. The Illustrating Children’s Book Diploma course with Maggy Roberts and the Landscape Painting Diploma Course with Alan Dedman. Maggy emailed us one of Lilian’s illustrations to showcase on our blog, which we all think is fantastic! So expressive. Well done Lillian!

Lilian told Maggy on enrolling…

“I hope to improve my skills in the structure, texture, use of different styles and develop creativity. Besides, I also want to know how to better express myself in painting.

I developed my hobby in drawing since 4 years old, and my art teacher organised a small gallery show for me at my primary school when I was at grade one. However, it is a great pity that I have never attended any systematically designed art courses except for one week of charcoal sketching when I was 6 years old. I painted quite a lot during some of the years, and I like to do handicraft and I have experiences in sculpturing with different kinds of clays….”



Yulia Kerme

Drawing portraits have always been my passion as long as I remember, although, unfortunately, there was a period of my life when due to the health condition I had to give up art altogether.

It took me some time and definitely a lot of courage to make up my mind to start studying art seriously. At least, to practice more regularly and systematically. It is a tough task as obviously, my peers have acquired years of experience and left me way behind. Nevertheless, I not giving up my dream and have made the first step already – signed up for the London Art College Portrait Painting Course.

Normally, I would use some traditional media creating my art but looking for new techniques and methods and having heard about all the opportunities digital programs can offer I have decided to give it a try.

That is how my first digital portrait was created and there’s no doubt that it was an ultimately unique experience for me. Although I still feel quite lost about all the functions and, honestly, the tool panels look a spaceship control, the knowledge I have received from the traditional art courses helped a lot as digital oil remains oil and anatomy always counts.

Every portrait is a story to tell and my utmost desire now is to learn how to make these stories more powerful and expressive, so that they can reach the hearts. I believe that art can communicate where the words are numb.

I have not made up my mind about my favorite media and style as I keep learning and trying new things. Recently, I have enrolled a pottery workshop course and what do you think has happened? Now I paint portraits on plates and cups!

Yulia Kerme
Portrait Painting Course

Jacksons Art Competition

This October, Jackson’s are celebrating Botanical Artists by running a free, international, digital competition: ‘Plant Life: Botanical Illustration’. Jacksons are offering the 3 winners watercolour prizes worth a total of £300 RRP, kindly donated by Winsor & Newton, along with promotion across their 9 social media channels and blog which has a readership of over 50,000 people a month.

The competition dates are:

– Entries accepted: 5th – 19th October 2017
– Shortlist announced: 20th October 2017
– Public voting: 20th – 26th October 2017
– Winners announced: 27th October 2017

You can see the shortlist for our current competition here: https://www.jacksonsart.com/blog/2017/09/22/mussini-oil-painting-competition-shortlist-announced/

Our previous competitions on our blog:https://www.jacksonsart.com/blog/category/competitions/

If any of our students enter – let us know! Best of luck!