Yulia Kerme

Drawing portraits have always been my passion as long as I remember, although, unfortunately, there was a period of my life when due to the health condition I had to give up art altogether.

It took me some time and definitely a lot of courage to make up my mind to start studying art seriously. At least, to practice more regularly and systematically. It is a tough task as obviously, my peers have acquired years of experience and left me way behind. Nevertheless, I not giving up my dream and have made the first step already – signed up for the London Art College Portrait Painting Course.

Normally, I would use some traditional media creating my art but looking for new techniques and methods and having heard about all the opportunities digital programs can offer I have decided to give it a try.

That is how my first digital portrait was created and there’s no doubt that it was an ultimately unique experience for me. Although I still feel quite lost about all the functions and, honestly, the tool panels look a spaceship control, the knowledge I have received from the traditional art courses helped a lot as digital oil remains oil and anatomy always counts.

Every portrait is a story to tell and my utmost desire now is to learn how to make these stories more powerful and expressive, so that they can reach the hearts. I believe that art can communicate where the words are numb.

I have not made up my mind about my favorite media and style as I keep learning and trying new things. Recently, I have enrolled a pottery workshop course and what do you think has happened? Now I paint portraits on plates and cups!

Yulia Kerme
Portrait Painting Course

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