Lillian Lan is enrolled on two of our courses. The Illustrating Children’s Book Diploma course with Maggy Roberts and the Landscape Painting Diploma Course with Alan Dedman. Maggy emailed us one of Lilian’s illustrations to showcase on our blog, which we all think is fantastic! So expressive. Well done Lillian!

Lilian told Maggy on enrolling…

“I hope to improve my skills in the structure, texture, use of different styles and develop creativity. Besides, I also want to know how to better express myself in painting.

I developed my hobby in drawing since 4 years old, and my art teacher organised a small gallery show for me at my primary school when I was at grade one. However, it is a great pity that I have never attended any systematically designed art courses except for one week of charcoal sketching when I was 6 years old. I painted quite a lot during some of the years, and I like to do handicraft and I have experiences in sculpturing with different kinds of clays….”



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