Yvonne Overheul

My whole life I have spent hours in book shops admiring the illustrations of other people, so when my daughter was about 5 years old and showed a great interest in drawing I started drawing together with her. Only then I remembered that I used to draw and paint when I was little.

Knowing nothing about techniques and mixing colours I decided it was about time to learn more about it and after some online research I found the Illustrating Children’s Books Course.

At first I thought it would be too difficult, but slowly I gained more confidence and I started to really enjoy working for every assignment. The course material is easy to understand, also for not native speakers and in case you have any doubts, Maggy will answer all your questions in a really short time. Her feedback is really helpful, her comments make you understand your mistakes and improve your skills for future work.

In August I completed the follow on course, which has been very helpful, assisting you with the creation of your portfolio and giving you all the necessary information enabling you to continue on your own. In fact, I could never have imagined that one day I would find the courage to send out my images to publishers, but now this day has arrived! Fingers crossed!

Yvonne Overheul
Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma


2 thoughts on “Yvonne Overheul

  1. Hi Yvonne

    I’ve just read your blog on your experience studying the Illustrating Children’s Books course. Your work is amazing. Very inspiring. I love how colourful and exciting the images are. So much going on in one scene. I have just enrolled on the course. I am a very stale illustrator and I’m really looking forward to the course and bouncing off and being inspired by fellow illustration students like yourself.

  2. We are absolutely thrilled that you enjoyed Yvonne’s blog post and she will be thrilled to hear about it. We hope you enjoy your course and look forward to seeing your artwork! Don’t forget to join our Illustrating Children’s Books facebook group too!

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