Finely I managed to  finish two sets of assignments: Sebastian Sink City and Fiery Fred! I thought to share with everyone.

The Second assignment took me a while, as I didn’t read properly the instructions on what side the text should be! After I  almost finished it I realised that Ive done it all wrong! the second trial I tried my best not to miss on the detail but when I finished it struck me that my scanner is much smaller, so I had to find a way to produce digital copy! Luckily I got great advice from Facebook College community! Thanks everyone for your support! We live we learn!

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Set three assignment was much easier as Ive already had my burns from previous one! I found Animals doing silly things quite challenging in a way of what is defines silly?! So I had to think! Now just have to wait for feed back from Maggy! Fingers crossed!

Elena Statham
Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma Course

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