Wendy Ford

I took the course as a challenge during Lockdown. Although I have been attending art sessions for a long time I have not done various subjects which are included on the Painting and Drawing course.. especially people and animals. I also saw that there were units on oil painting which I’ve never tackled and found that that was a very enjoyable medium to work with.

I’d dabbled in Acrylics but here had the opportunity to develop more skills including a chance to try abstraction which worked well. I found the animals and people section very tough. However by the end of the unit I was producing paintings and drawings which looked like the subjects and I made great progress. 

I love using watercolour and use Winsor Newton where possible, they are increasingly expensive but always give good results. The System 3 acrylics I used gave nice vibrant colours too.

I had a number of hiccups along the way, mainly due to health problems and was relieved that I could get a 12 month extension. Thus I did finish the course in spite of my doubts. To anyone struggling I would say, keep plugging away. It’s very satisfying to get the certificate at the end saying you’ve successfully completed the course.

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