Weekend Art Challenge – Surreal Dreamscape

Welcome to our latest art challenge in which we asked our students to create artwork on the subject of a Surreal Dreamscape. It was not an easy challenge by any means and we are sure it certainly made our students think a little!

Whenever you have to use your imagination for artwork, its easy to sit in front of a blank piece of paper and wonder where on earth to start. Looking at old paintings can often help inspire students so if you are ever stuck for ideas, have a look at the works of artists from David Hockney to lesser known artists like Andrew Wyeth. Researching artists like these online can really help get your ideas flowing.

We love all of the pieces submitted this week by our students. Our feature of the week image is by student Kerrie Muir and we love the serenity of her ‘landscape’ dreamscape. Scroll down to view it in full. Equally the painting below, by Diana Pendragon has a similar garden feel with toadstools and we particularly love the limited pallet she has used with yellows and purples.

Everyone has done a great job with their artwork and we congratulate everyone for submitting. Well done to you all. Stay tuned for another challenge coming tomorrow!

Surreal Dreamscape – A3 white card & coloured pencils 
Di Pendragon 
Coloured pencils and oil pastels 
I wasn’t going to do this challenge!! But thought I would give it a shot!! It’s almost a continuation from last week!!
It’s made using biro and watercolour – I’ve tried to make it as surreal as possible with a nod to Dali with the melting clock!! The other things appeared as I was drawing!!
Catherine Thompson
Khadiga Kadry
I’ve had a bit of fun with this week’s challenge. It’s a fork/octopus. It’s a mixed medium piece of work. Children’s paints, stickers and bindis.
Nina Phillips
Kerrie Muir

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