Samuel Froelich

Our Cartooning Diploma Course provides a comprehensive and exciting journey into the world of cartooning and visual storytelling. Under the expert guidance of tutor John Byrne, students explore the principles and techniques of cartooning, gaining the skills necessary to create captivating and humorous illustrations that tell engaging stories.

One standout student who has been making wonderful progress is Samuel Froelich. Samuel’s dedication, and creativity shines through in his work. He has not only demonstrated a strong grasp of cartooning techniques but has also showcased his unique storytelling abilities through his imaginative concepts for books. Samuel’s two amazing cartoons, which you can see below, not only display his artistic skills but also highlight his ability to create captivating narratives that resonate with audiences of all ages.

Under John Byrne’s expert mentorship, Samuel has been able to refine his cartooning skills, develop his own artistic style, and effectively communicate his ideas through his artwork. John’s guidance and feedback have been instrumental in Samuel’s growth as a cartoonist, nurturing his talent and helping him to further explore the creative possibilities within the world of cartoons.

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