Weekend Art Challenge – Wheels

Welcome to our latest weekend art challenge results, where we set our students the task to draw or paint a piece of art including the subject matter of a wheel or wheels. And what a wonderful challenge. It has produced some amazing artwork and we hope you are as impressed as we are.

We would like to congratulate London Art College student Philip Hatter, who has painted a watermill in watercolour for his submission. It is absolutely superb – what do you all think!? We love it! Philip is a new student on the watercolour Diploma Course and we can’t wait to see more from him in the coming weeks and months. Well done Philip.

The invention of the wheel was likely a result of gradual experimentation, innovation, and the recognition of the practical benefits it offered. It represented a fundamental shift in human technology and significantly influenced the course of human history. While we don’t have definitive records of exactly how and when the wheel was first invented, it likely emerged in several different cultures independently over a long period of time.

With this in mind, both Vera and Julie have touched on the history of the wheel, with their fantastic cartoon studies below. Both wonderful and so apt for today’s challenge.

Everyone has created superb pieces of art this week, thinking outside the box a little too, which we love. We send our thanks to all of our students who took part. Huge pat on the back to you all! Stay tuned for another challenge tomorrow.

I thought long and hard about what might have motivated our ancestors to invent the wheel … and here is the result 🙂
Vera Jaouadi
Wheels: never easy to get a great idea rolling.
Julie Smalley
A go at line and wash for this weeks wheel themed challenge. “Wet Sidewalk at Dusk“ Watercolour
Jane Reid
Oksana Fedorchuk
Toys with wheels!!! So a little different – I’ve used pen and ink and watercolour.
Catherine Thompson
I’ve drawn wheels of different vehicles. It’s very basic in look with just the use of pencil.
Nina Phillips
I just had to do this one – it’s a Catherine Wheel from Catherine – yes you can guess what everyone calls me on bonfire night!!!It’s made using crumbled pastel dropped on wet black acrylic paint.
Catherine Thompson
A picture of wheels in water colour
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
This picture is called “The Cyclist” and was one of my works for the first assignment for the Drawing and Painting Diploma Course. It was great fun working on this special task.
Serafine Christine
Philip Hatter

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