Ivana Zeravica

I am doing the Beginners Drawing Course with Steven Hersey who I find is an exceptional teacher. I always enjoyed Art, even at high-school…but it never took me in any direction where I could make it work at that time.

However in the past decade of my life I have been doing online courses and creative related subjects (Colin Bradley art school). I have an ABC award Foundation diploma in Art and Design now. I have studied Graphics and some illustration in the form of stitching in my portfolio prep course. But then I felt the need to draw…to see if I can look at a still life and  render it realistically.

Here Steven Hersey helped a lot. He told me where I went wrong and was able to fix it (pencil and charcoal so far). I’ll  see how the rest of the course goes…and if I can keep up the tempo maybe I could try my hand at the other courses and eventually an Art degree of some kind. I just have a bit of a ‘pace’ problem…I  tend to be slow and take my time! Either way…its great to be at the London Art College! Thank you for this opportunity.

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