Sarah Williams

One of our students who has submitted a wonderful piece of artwork for our illustrating children’s books diploma course is Sarah Williams. She painted a watercolour illustration of a cow and a blue tit in a hot air balloon flying high in the sky with the Eiffel Tower in the distance. The story behind the illustration is that the cow and the blue tit are best friends who dream of travelling the world together. They embark on an adventurous journey across different countries and landmarks, meeting new friends along the way.

We are very impressed by Sarah’s creativity and skill in creating this illustration. She has used watercolour to create a soft and dreamy effect that matches the mood of the story. She has also shown great attention to detail, using a lovely neutral colour pallet. We love how she has captured the friendship between the cow and the blue tit and their curiosity and excitement for exploring new places. Well done, Sarah!

We hope Sarah continues to enjoy creating artwork for our course and learns a lot from Maggy’s guidance.

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