Weekend Art Challenge – Butterflies & Moths

Here we are, once again, amazed and delighted by the talent showcased by our lovely students in our weekend art challenge. We firmly believe that creativity knows no bounds and every student holds the potential to create something truly magical. That’s why we invite all our students, from novices to the more experienced students, to participate in our weekly challenges.

This past weekend, we took flight into the enchanting world of “Wings of Wonder: Butterflies & Moths.” The entries we received were nothing short of breathtaking. Scroll down to view the beautiful and creative pieces on show.

Our featured image this week has been created by student Oksana Fedorchuk. We love the way that Oskana has designed this piece, extremely creative. It has a feel of a mix of digital and traditional art combined. We are unsure of how it has been created, however we absolutely love it and are thrilled to showcase it as our featured image.

While we’re unable to individually mention all the incredible artworks this week, we want every student to know that their creativity and hard work have been duly noted. Your dedication continues to inspire us, and we can’t wait to see what you all come up with in tomorrows challenge.

This is an experiment producing a fancy butterfly with the technique of decalcomania and wax as the main medium on tracing paper. The conturs are outlined with a felt tip marker.
Serafine Christine
I used one of the photos provided and a limited palette of Winsor blue, quinacridone gold yellow and Aliz crimson. I really like experimenting with few colours and seeing what can be achieved. I tried matching the photo colours but actually quite liked the feel and atmosphere of the colours used in the end. I changed my photo to grayscale at home too which looks nice in black and white with the tones. So much fun and satisfying!
Thank you !
Lucy Mae Stokes
Butterfly inspired artwork.
Watercolour, pen and ink. By Kate Lowri Tolman 
Collage of butterflies (realized with tissue paper). I am always amazed by the beauty and diversity of butterflies. I was inspired by the flight of the Monarch butterflies.
Vera Jaouadi 
Here is my butterfly mixed media painting for this week – using soft and oil pastels, coloured pencils, acrylic paint, pen and ink and sequins! This time last year, we were in Italy for my daughter’s wedding and this painting is from a photo of a swallowtail butterfly from the villa – so brings back happy memories
Playful Watercolour. I wanted to create something vibrant with  a bit of the dark side. A little bit “ Silence of the Lambs “ going on here in retrospect.
Jane Reid
Lucy Coyle
Dinah Barker
Nina Phillips
Nina Kottoor
Two fancy butterflies in encaustic technique (melted wax) on DIN A6 paper.
Serafine Christine
Oksana Fedorchuk

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