Sara Roberts

Having completed my final assignment, I have looked back over the journey. There is a lot of useful information in the study units and I’ll continue to look back over the course material because I’m sure that I can continue to learn from it. I have learned to persevere with a task and not to accept my initial efforts as the limit of my ability. I have shown myself that when I think I can’t draw… a person… a cow… a tortoise…etc, that it is possible if I do the required research. There is no room for laziness! Colour schemes work best when selected carefully to reflect the mood of the story. Composition is important and needs planning. I know that when I get sloppy or careless I regret it afterwards because that is when I make marks that don’t sit well in the image. I feel quite positive about the improvements that I can make in my illustration skills in the future and I think that I can continue to try different things to develop my own style. Thank you for your support and your valued comments. 

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