Hydie Tan

I really don’t want to end the Pet Portraits Course! I enjoyed it so much. I felt a bit sad when submitting the final files. I enjoyed reading Gayle’s comments, it helps me to improve.

The Ben and Jenny portrait is done in pastel sticks and pastel pencils. It’s my first time drawing scenery picture with pastel, I chose beach with blue sky is because it seems easier to manager for beginners like me.

I have also attached my business card, which is the one I am actually using. I occasionally sell my crafts (needle felted animals) in craft fairs, I am giving out this card to visitors and customers. The business card shows my Facebook account (at the front) and instagram account (at the back).

I fell in love with drawing in pastels, I want to learn more about this medium so I have enrolled for the pastel course. Hope someday I can become a pastel artist.

Hydie Tan

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