Weekend Art Challenge – Green & White

Welcome to our latest weekend art challenge results. This weeks challenge was to try to paint a subject using only green and white. At first glance this challenge possibly sounded easy, however when you start to design or create artwork using only two colours, it’s only then do you realise how difficult it is.

The featured image this week is by student Beate Badenhorst. She said .. “The sly green crocodile with sharp white teeth, drawn with ink and painted with watercolor. I enjoyed this challenge can’t wait for the next one!!”

We also absolutely love Hu Zette’s watercolour plant below, especially the muted green shadows on the white wall behind. It has all been so delicately painted, and the shadowed leaves give depth to the entire piece.

Our students have really gone above and beyond this week and we hope that you find paintings below truly inspiring.

I drew this money plant for our weekend challenge.
Hu Zete
Some snowdrops and thinking of spring !
Pauline Burke
Green is my favorite colour. Watercolor, collage and fineliner
Rose-Marie Biehlig
I did some linocut experiments. Because I had no green printing color I added some green watercolor to the white printing color. And it worked.
I love greeen – so many shades
Gelise McCullough
I love greeen – so many shades
Gelise McCullough
For the weekend challenge…white peacock
Shailaja Rathinavel
My latest attempt at the Weekend Art Challenge. It was a toughie and I was stumped for a while – until my eyes alighted on the bunch of flowers my husband gave me for our 15th Wedding Anniversary – white and green! I just used the paper for the white and dropped various shades of green around it. Fairly unusual but I quite like the end result.
Sarah Egerton
This is my submission for this weeks’s green and white challenge. I had a lot of fun playing with shade of green from almost black all the way to white. It is part of a series of pieces I am making called “connections”. I am on the illustration course but I also enjoy making sculptural, abstract figure paintings and sculptures. I like to connect the figures or elements together. In this drawing I have tried to make the arms look like arms and mountains at the same time. I often start by drawing my ideas on the iPad and then make a piece of physical art based on it. This one will definitely be transformed into a piece of physical art too. This piece is called “I lift my eyes to the mountains”. It is a very personal picture for me as it is inspired by my favourite psalm, 121.
Emma Phillips
Green & White weekend challenge
Khadiga Kadry
A friendly Green Man picture for the weekend challenge
Jackie Groves
” A little splash of green ” just joined the Digital Illustration course and sooooo excited. Going to take the advice from this little one and jump straight into it!!
Sarah Hogan
Naida Ali
Green and white is an eye-catching and cool refreshing combination.So is mint leaves and ice in glass.
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
Festive green elf at your service, because everyone needs a little magical help.
Julie Smalley
Weekend art challenge, green and white
Dora Birgis
Green and white challenge
Sam Croyle
I wanted to do the weekend challenge plus do some work on characters for the Sebastian s sink city brief in the children’s illustration course so I grabbed some of my kids green felt tip pens and combined the two!
Becky Brown
Becky Brown
Lou Addison-Brown
My contribution to the ‘green’ challenge in coloured pencils.
Dorothy Robinson
The sly green crocodile with sharp white teeth, drawn with ink and painted with watercolor. I enjoyed this challenge can’t wait for the next one!!
Beate Badenhorst.

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