Weekend Art Challenge – Musical Instruments

Welcome to our most recent weekend art challenge, where we set the students the theme to create artwork on Musical Instruments. They had free rein to create paintings and drawings in any way they would like on this theme. The artwork below is simply wonderful!

This weeks featured image is by student Elrita Roos and her ‘Saxophone playing frog’

We hope you enjoy viewing them! Stay tuned for the next challenge coming tomorrow!

So I gathered all the characters I painted for LAC during the last 6
months to build a choir singing “Ode to joy” from Beethoven. We celebrate
this year the composer’s 250th  birthday and I think, we need actually
a lot of joy.
Rose-Marie Biehlig
I have a drawn a picture of an Irish drum I have called a Bodhran, which I learn to play now and again.
Pauline Burke
My subject of the weekend challenge is pottery figurine with drum.
I hope the big smile make everyone happy.
Hu Zete
Tried pallette knife drawing for the first time 
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
I did this painting of my son a while ago, I thought I would share as fits the weekend challenge.
Lisa Elm
Even though I’m not musical, my late mum played both the piano accordion and the piano. My sister can play the piano and the viola. (although I think I’ve drawn a violin)
Couldn’t decide which one to add to the challenge this week so I decided upon all 3.
Nina Phillips
Not a musician myself, although have dabbled over the years. I love the acoustic guitar and the sound it produces, and have an interest in the blues and it’s origin. When drawing this I pictured a traveling blues musician (circa 1930s) traveling around the deep south trying to make a living.
Ian Dance
My husband’s job is music teacher so our house is musical through and through!! I wanted to create something new for this challenge so I used a palette knife on a board to create this piece. (Bens Guitar.). I still need to to add some final touches I think?
Charlotte Draper
Willie ‘the Lion’ Smith, American pianist from the …roaring 20’s! 🙂
This piece (acrylics on wood) comes from a series of illustrations I am painting for a childrens book project about jazz musicians and singers.
Monica Bonvicini
Weekend art challenge !
Musical instrument !
Acrylic on canvas !
Anisha Dilip
For this weekend challenge… painting of guitar and violin using acrylics…. In this painting, I tried painting morning sun rays fall on the violin which was harmoniously played and kept…theme of this painting: Unnumbered tones struck from one harmony’s strings….to me , a thrill that smites the nerves is music’s spell.
Shailaja Rathinavel
Bebe Kanter
Drumkit. Lean ‘n ‘ keen, this drummer, my nephew, sits (vibrates?) amid the tools of his trade. I like the way musician and musical instrument completely integrate. Brush pen on cartridge paper.
Julie Smalley
My saxophone playing frog for the music weekend challenge
Elrita Roos

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