Weekend Art Challenge – Owls

Welcome to the latest results of our weekend challenge for our students. This week we asked them to draw or paint an owl, in any style or form. If you scroll below, you will see some absolutely wonderful renditions of owls in all different media including, watercolour, acrylic, pastel, pencil and digital form. We even have a mixed media piece too by Dinah Barker.

This weeks featured image is by Hydie Tan who has created a stunning painting of a baby owl in pastel. Congratulations on a beautiful piece! See it in full at the bottom of the page.

We would also like to welcome Christine Burrows who has posted for the first time on our Facebook Group. Her owl called Bernard is stunning and you can see it below.

There are so many amazing pieces here, too many names to mention individually, however everyone has done brilliantly! Keep up the fantastic work!!! And stay tuned for another challenge tomorrow!

My first post. I am pleased to introduce Bernard. He’s not quite finished, but this is the kind of thing I like to do.
Christine Borrows
I just can’t stand at the look of fierce looking owl. So I tried a fun version.
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
Love the owl idea and have drawn one from a photo but changed daytime to night with a full moon!  I used watercolour pencils both dry and wet.
Pauline Burke
I found inspiration by Ancient Greece. An aryballos was a small flask
used by athlete and contained oil. This one is exposed in the Department
of Greek Art in Louvre Museum, Paris. Watercolor and watercolor pencils.
Rose-Marie Biehlig
I am student 48735 on the coloured pencil course and I am submitting my owl picture for the art owl challenge.
Frada Wilenski
Hello everyone, Here is my drawing of 3 curious creatures.
I like to ‘sketch’ birds and mammals in watercolour without preliminary sketch or drawing, starting with the eye. This owl was painted using a picture taken by my brother as a reference.
Anne Marieke Booij
Owl in pastel pencil
Gwen Reavley
My weekend challenge: owl. I decided to create Christmasy owl with cute hat.
Elena Statham
My owl for this weekend challenge is flying over a moonlit field ready to pounce on his dinner! Practising my watercolour again, I’m actually really pleased with how this little painting has turned out.
Lynne Bagnall
Kids drawing course weekend challenge.
Habiba Roushdy/
This is my entry for the weekend challenge. I made it a few years ago after many years away from art as I emerged from the chaos of raising four sons, two of whom have autism. I was trying to express how amazing and complicated and difficult it it is to have children with autism, for their unique quirky take on life but also that they fitted exactly into my quirky family. It was one of the first pieces I made in a digital format.
Emma Phillips
For this weeks weekend challenge I’ve used a mixture of mediums, some pretty background paper, watercolour pencils, oil pastels and chalks. For the board I’ve made a frame using gold tissue paper and some silver stars to finish the art work off.
Nina Phillips
Tried my sons favourite great horned owl. Watercolour.
Lavina Gonsalves
An Owl and a Girl. Pencil + watercolours. Owls add mystery to any picture I guess!
Mila Zinzen
Weekend owl challenge; I drew this barn owl during lockdown using a reference photo of my own. Seeing this owl during the day was very special. As with many of my drawings I got so far with this and found it hard to see a way forward- I need to do more at the top of the picture but am scared of messing it up!!
Susan Zajaczkowska
Weekend art challenge and first page in my new pocket size sketchbook.
Theresa Haworth
My weekend challenge piece
Michaela Sommerfield
Tawny owl and prey. Acrylic background on cardboard. Gouache, some pastel and collage of silver birch paper bark and lichen.
Dinah Barker
Jackie Groves
My first time joining in on the weekend challenge. I drew this tawny owl in coloured pencils.
Carol Leather
Helen Jaeger
Ah, now here’s a challenge that’s right up my street… Here’s my barn owl in acrylics on paper.
Dylan F Jeskye
Weekend project Submission. Really enjoyed the process of creating this – pushed me out of my comfort zone!
Charlotte Draper
Double exposure Photoshop owls, Weekend art challenge
Dora Birgis
Coincidentally finished these matryoshka owls for my 4-yr-old this weekend.
Priscilla Hocking
The owl and the pussycat….
Ethne Dian
One of my favourite birds!
Georgia Martin
Bebe Kanter
My snowy owl is painted against the backdrop of the pink moon. Acrylic on paper.
Liz Browne
Khadiga Kadry
I thought I would try this weekends challenge for a hoot !! Finished in pen and ink.
Ian Dance
My entry for the weekend challenge.
Baby owl in pastel
Hydie Tan

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