Weekend Art Challenge – Black & White

Welcome to our latest weekend art challenge. We set students the task of painting or drawing something in black and white. It could be any subject, any medium, any size just as long as it was in black and white. We have received an astonishing amount of entries this week and most of them are shown below.

Our feature image today is by Clifford Herbert and is a beautiful little study in pen and ink. Clifford text is shown below and you can see the image in full at the bottom of our blog post. An excellent drawing – congratulations Clifford.

My little contribution for the Black and White Weekend Challenge – Dormagen at sunset

Clifford Herbert

We were also very impressed with Rita’s two magpies below, some beautiful textures and a lovely design too. We also love Charlotte Drapers drawing of the spitfire too. Excellent work Charlotte, wonderful subject and study!!

All of the images below are incredible, so much creativity and we are thrilled that our students are enjoying our weekend challenges too. Which is a good job as we have another challenge for you on its way tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Black and white…this time, a small drypoint print.
Rita Frost
Weekend challenge thought I would add last nights drawing – the spitfire fly over, some wonderful positivity.
Charlotte Draper
This is my quick acrylic painting from a roebuck antler in black and
white. It was a wonderful challenge. Thank you for the nice theme!
Katja Felbel
I tried to make puffy paint with flour, water and white paint to paint a moon with texture, 
on black card. Some black added for grey patches and tried splattering white paint around the moon for glow!
Lisa McGregor
Janki Sanghavi 
My granddaughter Molly, a drawing in preparation for a portrait painting
Sheila Brown
Black and white picture of my ginger and white cat!
Lindsey Repton 
Hu Zete
Luiza Varovici
My charcoal drawing for the Weekend Art Challenge.
Annette de la Cruz
Oil painting of a crock jelly mould.
Angela Burt
Memories from the old Family house, which doesn’t exist anymore but it was always big inspiration for me. I love photos with black and white strong contrast and chessboard pattern on floor.
Ania Lebiedzka
Black and white always depicts old memories. This topic was new and interesting.
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
Just finished this commission of four siblings and their partners on their wedding days …. was a challenge as they were years apart and in different settings… night/day/inside and outside so had to bring them all to the same size and into the same lighting.
Just thought I’d post as it’s a black and white week.
Gill Brook
Black and white……
And relax…….
Jan Graham
Black n white: graphite faces from my sketchbook.
CJ Wright
Basic black and white
Georgia Pritchard
Black and white weekend art challenge. Sheep are a favourite subject of mine. They seem to each have their own personality.
Susan Zajaczkowska
I’ve drawn an old wooden chest of drawers that I drew out in my dad’s garden using 2B graphite pencil and a black coloured pencil.
Nina Phillips
Madhavi Yelnurkar Chopade
From D&P 2015 – ‘Cracked Glass- table’
Kathleen Miller
Drawn as a memorial to my sister’s mother in laws sad passing from a heart attack back in July
Lou Addison-Brown
Black and white weekend challenge, badger in pastel pencils
Emma Jane Knowles
Sorry the picture ‘Whites & background are grey – just my camera
Rachel Shelley
Tried this self portrait lark
Steven Markie
My sketch for the weekend challenge
Theresa Haworth
My bunny Mr Benjamin parsley… taken a break from my final set 1 assignment and I’m drawing what I love the most animals … all my still life practice is paying off because I can really see an improvement in my drawing. Thank you for pushing me London art college.
Michaela Sommerfield
Charcoal on white paper, Emu resident at the local Owl Centre
Jackie Groves
A Black and white, of a small out building in a quaint Sussex churchyard that I visited recently. This time I used technical pens.
Ian Dance
My attempt in this week end challenge..
Alexandria L. Prietama

This is what I like to do to relax my mind. It is not to everyone’s taste. I draw the outline of the animal then start doodling with Micron pens then add a bit of shading.
Black and white weekend challenge. This is a practice piece for assignment 2 on the drawing and painting course. I’m finding pen really challenging.
Ruth Stirton
Khadiga Kadry
Rachel Evans-White
I’m just on with this portrait. Black Biro
Claire Fallon
I used sumie inks and Washi paper,
One of my favourite flowers hydrangea.
Whose eyes are these in black and white/graphite
Carol Leather
My attempt at the B&W weekend challenge. I had forgotten what a joy working with graphite is . For this I used a 2 and a 6 B pencil with a blending stump, and a kneadable rubber for a few highlights.
Ian Dance
My drawing a few weeks back of Mr rabbit in B&W in graphite
Simina Mann
My weekend challenge. I love the simplicity of black and white.
Lisa Elms
Black and white – a magic of a charcoal. Love drawing with charcoal – so versatile !
Iryna Labunska
I love working with ink and charcoal, so black and white is perfect for me. Here’s my Saluki Flash in line and wash.
Dylan F Jeskye
B&W photo of my all white Clumber Spaniel in sleepy mode.
Chris Rye
Cabo de San Antonin – moonlight
Audrey Quinton
For the weekend challenge I have done a landscape /seascape in black and white. This is me dreaming of being sat of an evening by the ocean smelling the salty sea air.
Charlotte Draper
My B&W weekend challenge, I did this a wee while ago, watercolour and pencil close up of a tree peony flower from my garden.
Lynne Bagnall
And here’s cockerpoo Pip in charcoal.
Dylan F Jeskye
Dora Birgis
Few years back then. I’m new in London art college illustrating children’s books 
Bebe Kanter
Weekend Challenge – Black and White: Me and my Gran, pencil A4
Liz Browne
My take on Picasso’s ‘Drunk Woman is Tired’ for this weekend’s challenge. Pen.
Shamina Chowdhury
An old one, but fits the brief for this weekend
Pete Woolgar
Black and white artichoke
Ruth Allinson
Black and white pastels on grey paper
Kirstie Baker
Graphite pencil study in the first set of drawings for the Coloured Pencil course. Coincidentally black and white! I really enjoyed this one.
Dorothy Robinson
Black and white challenge – charcoal . Overlooking Paris
Sam Croyle
New challenge. Black & white. I was practicing drawing a while ago and here you’re go.
Yola Nta
I really like painting in black and white. Sometimes I add a drop of colour to emphasise some elements. I have attached two pictures. A park scenery and Praque.
Barbara Dereka
Nora Hoppe
My little contribution for the Black and White Weekend Challenge – Dormagen at sunset
Clifford Herbert

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