Weekend Art Challenge – Horses in Motion

Welcome to our latest weekend art challenge which we set our students this week. It was not the easiest of challenges, in fact, drawing or painting a horse in motion for an experienced artists is a huge challenge. So our students have done incredibly well and we think you will be very impressed with the results below.

Our feature of the week is by Julie Smally and we absolutely love it. Julie said…

A heavenly chariot is pulled by Horses in Motion, supposed by the Ancient Greeks to bring the sun each day. Gave myself a cheeky chance to play Helio’s! …And THAT’s why I love making art.

Julie Smalley

A shoutout to new student Najat Aziz who has created a lovely sketch of a horse in movement – its perfect. You can see how Najat was working out the shape and form of the horse and how it moves. Well done Najat!

Everyone has worked very hard on their artwork this week and we really hope you have enjoyed viewing them all. We also hope that you will stay tuned for the next challenge coming up tomorrow!

Not my usual sort of subject but always worth experimenting!
Rita Frost
My attempt at this weekend challenge, Horses in motion, well one horse in motion
‘Into the night’ my little horse was my inspiration but my watercolour skills don’t do her justice.
Lynne Bagnall
Just a quick study and experiment – horses are my thing but I think I know them too well!
Jill Allsopp
I have chosen pastel again, for a white horse running in snow from a photo, hope we don’t see any snow for a long time yet!
Pauline Burke
The motion is closer to the world around the horse and the energy I sense from them.
This is a mini painting I have been working on, not fully created for this competition.
Justin Robinson
Bit last minute- quick weekend challenge
Emma Jane Knowles
Najat Aziz
A little oil study for the weekend challenge!
Theresa Haworth
Acrylic and gold leaf …. as seen in a dream
Gill Brook
I wasn’t happy with my first horse drawing so I had a go at tweaking it……
Susan Zajaczkowska
My Quick sketch for this weekend challenge, not much time this week but managed to get 5mins.
Chris Rye
Thought I add this to the weekend challenge my daughters horse in pastel of when he was a successful racehorse racing in Dubai
Gwen Reavley
My contribution to the weekend challenge horses in motion pastel pencils on pastelmat paper.
Gwen Reavley
Horse in movement. Watercolour and white gouache
Jackie Groves
A heavenly chariot is pulled by Horses in Motion, supposed by the Ancient Greeks to bring the sun each day. Gave myself a cheeky chance to play Helio’s! …And THAT’s why I love making art.
Julie Smalley
Weekend Challenge, the Icelandic horse in motion
Dóra Birgis
This weekend’s challenge- Wild Horse. Really enjoyed drawing this!
Charlotte Draper
I’ve decided that for this weekend challenge to do something a little different.
I’ve drawn a hippocampus which is half horse/ fish, it comes from Greek mythology. I’ve used watercolour pencils for my drawing. This week I used water to give the drawing a watercolour affect. I’ve drawn multicoloured mainly diagonal lines for the background affect.
Nina Phillips
Weekend art challenge. Horses in movement: so I painted this from a friends photograph of the Ballyheigue Races held on January 1st 2020. It was only my second painting at my art class so was very pleased with the outcome. It’s painted in acrylic on canvas.
Liz Browne
Bebe Kanter
Acrylic on canvas. Painted this for my mum.
Sazzer Bee
Weekend challenge, from the archives. One of my very early paintings which, I think, fits the criteria? Oils on canvas. ‘Keeping up with Mum’
Dorothy Robinson
Thought I would share this illustration I did a while ago after a dear friend asked me to do the illustrations for a children’s story she had written. This is Spirit the horse, and Molly.
Lisa Elms
I painted this picture of a horse quite a while ago, it is acrylic on canvas board. Of course it is a copy of the lovely Lloyds bank black horse.
Helen Turner
Biro and a little Acrylic. Did this 11 years ago. My sister in law going cross country with her late mare Suzy. A wonderful horse.
Claire Fallon

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