Welcome to the results of the weekends art challenge. We challenged our students this week to all look up to the sky and portray what they saw.

We have received a huge number of stunning paintings, drawings, photos and digital artwork via email and posted on our facebook groups page. We are certain that you will be very impressed as you peruse down the page.

This weeks feature image is by new student Ada Toth who recently enrolled on our Illustration Course. We love your artwork, well done Ada!

What a successful art challenge, another we feel that you have all enjoyed after reading your feedback. Justin said.. “these challenges are rad” and we are thrilled to hear it!

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Stay tuned, a new challenge coming tomorrow!

I drew this picture by ball-point pen.
Hu Zete
I have attached three pictures of my 2 little paintings of sky and clouds (both paintings in acrylics 14 x 11in). The blue sky is of what I saw on Friday afternoon while on my daily walk. The second one is from the picture of the sunset taken when I was in Lanzarote last year (like a dream now).  It was a very pleasant subject to paint hence two paintings. 
Barbara Derecka
It was so nice to sit in the sun sketching the sky above and see the clouds, I thought I would include a silver lining on a cloud!
Pauline Burke
Frauenkirche in Dresden
Ania Lebiedzka
Last summer I spent my holidays on Bornholm Island (Denmark) and sunsets
on the Baltic Sea were so amazing. Turquoise, magenta, purple, orange,
dark blue colours. I took many photos and tried to paint the mood of
these evenings for the week-end challenge.
Watercolor wet in wet.
Rose-Marie Biehlig
Sky at night, sunset painted in oil pastel then very generously melded with turps, it was a very quick painting and I really enjoyed doing it.
Sheila Brown
These are my successful attempts at the challenge of this week. I must congratulate you on this challenge as my practice in this was postponed for a while now, and in my course I am at unit 11 that requires more watercolour so I already started to do some landscapes from other books.
Luiza Varovici
A special cloud for the Weekend Challenge. 
Best regards 
Barbara Schunk
Harvest Moon – 2020
I completed this over the weekend, but wasn’t sure to submit. Any who, these challenges are rad.
Justin Robinson
Iryna Labunska
Am I too late for the weekend challenge – sky? I hope not, but in any case, here’s mine (with a bit of sea beneath)
Clifford Herbert
Clouds/sky, trying ink, watercolour, charcoal.
Rita Frost
Weekend Challenge. Painting skies is not my forte so I thought I’d share this photo I took last week at our nearby lavender farm because the whole scene wowed me! Sadly you can’t smell it too.
Dinah Barker
Elena Statham
Stormy skies. Watercolour on paper.
Ruth Stirton
Weekend art challenge – sky is the limit
Magdalena Anna Piwowarczyk
Fluffy clouds in a blue sky. Oil on canvas
Jackie Groves
Cloud formation over Glastonbury Tor acrylic on canvas.
Susan Cardozo
Look up… and look down too. Double sky & cloud study in this canalside reflection. View to the south, on a July evening after 9pm. Derwent Studio pencils on medium cartridge paper.
Julie Smalley
Fluffy clouds on a bright summer day. Oil on canvas board.
Dorothy Robinson
Tried a bit of surrealism for this weekend’s challenge!
Theresa Howarth
Nice wet sky – very British!
Audrey Quinton
A quick play with sketchbook on the weekend theme.
Chris Rye
Audrey Quinton
Yorkshire dales. Oil on wood panel. 30 x 40 cms
Shankar N Kashyap
Weekend challenge. Clouds. One of my favourite things!
Helen Jaegar
Sky and clouds
Anisha Dilip
A moody sky in graphite. I wasn’t really sure how to approach this one, so I decided to use some pure graphite sticks that have been kicking around in my draw forever! I then just used a blending stump to push the graphite around. Not sure how well it works, but it was fun.
Ian Dance
Weekend art challenge, the sky and the sea
Dóra Birgis
Weekend Art challenge – Sunset clouds over hills
Heidi S. Konchog
Audrey Quinton
For this picture I used oil pastels. And to get the outline of the clouds the top end of a pencil was used. I choose the original picture because of all the different colours of the clouds. Some of the colours I didn’t expect but I thought looked beautiful.
Nina Phillips
Weekend Challenge Look Up
Denise Dancer
Weekly challenge. These are my 3 miniature acrylic paintings. 3 different kinds of sky, clouds, like a 3 different moods.
Yola Nta
Clouds and sky looks beautiful during sunrise and sunsets.
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
My weekend challenge: Egypt skies done with water color pencils.
Khadiga Kadry
Khadiga Kadry
Clouds with a slight addition of my saluki in Acrylics
Dylan F Jeskye
My first 2 attempts for this weeks challenge, one digital and the other mixed media utilising wax crayons, colour pencils and a wet wipe. The skys the limit!
Chris Rye
For the weekend challenge, Clouds & Sky
Thakur Balbeer Singh
View from my back garden. In gouache.
Dylan F Jeskye
Not sure if this counts for this weeks challenge but thought I’d submit on account of the moody clouds in the background.
Gill Brook
Hi everyone! I am new to the illustration course and decided to post one of my illustrations for the first assignment here for the weekend challenge.
Ada Toth

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